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Will the Cost of Concrete Resurfacing Decrease in Winter?

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When the season enters the colder climate and temperature drops, rains and extreme heat are rare.

As a homeowner, there are times when you might think that doing home renovations, such as residential flooring, can be timely, and the work can be finished faster than any other time of the year.

It also goes with the fact that you can file for your vacation since Thanksgiving started, and you have more time to oversee the construction in your homes. However, one question that drills you more is about the costs.

Will the cost drop as well as the climate drop too? What factors can affect concrete resurfacing costs during a colder climate?

We are going to answer all these, so stick around and read until the end to gather up-to-date data and facts regarding costs to help you plan wisely and make excellent decisions these coming holidays!

porch with beautiful poinsettia flowers

Answering Head-On: Cost of Concrete Decrease During Winter

It is an oblivious answer, that is YES! It is an annual observation that concrete material costs drip as the end of the year approaches. If you’re confused and think we are just promoting concrete floor services and products, here are facts supporting this unrelenting truth. You need to be updated with several factors to ensure that your concrete material supplies will fit your budget. Studies that support this trend reveal two essential facts. One is that according to a 2020 Home Advisor report, driveway resurfacing in Orlando, Florida, offered concrete flooring works that averaged $4.50. That price is significantly lower than how much the project costs per square foot during summer, with a minimum of $5.50. It supports the following study where Angi List found in their 2019 survey that contractors in Florida offer a 15% discount on their concrete supplies when the winter season comes in that year.

A Common Denominator: Discounts in Winter

Aside from the facts reiterated above, it has become a common fact that discounts occur during cold months. These discounts and offers are valid for Concrete Contractor Orlando, Resurfacing Industries, and all major industries.

The winter seasons, nearing the end of the year, which includes months of November to December, are when suppliers offer promos and sales.

But does this mean a negative impact? Does this say that materials and supplies at a lower price have the most inferior quality? It’s certainly not!

Factors for Discounts: Rewards as Industries Give Back

Several factors are at work as to why concrete supplies and resurfacing projects typically decline during Winter, especially in Orlando.

Supplies are still of the highest quality, and to avoid surplus or harming old materials, industries give back to their communities by offering regard for those who choose to undergo renovations and construction.

Even as early as October, as it is the last quarter of the year, some contracting companies offer exclusive deals. Among the factors at play for rewards are as follows:

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Demand for Projects is Low

As the end of the year approaches, most homeowners and property owners may have planned their improvement and renovation. Consider the principle of supply and demand.

Since demand declines, suppliers and contractors are at their sleeves to plan for year-end offers and rewards since supplies may remain, but customers are rare.  

To avoid stale products and supplies, they give discounts to appeal to customers who can purchase more than what is regularly supplied.

So, it does not necessarily mean that the quality of services is also low during these times. It is just that properties had checked out through significant improvements way before the year’s third quarter ended.

More Access to the Materials

Since it is Winter, transporting materials is more accessible than during the summer and rainy seasons.

Summer can have people engage more in home improvement projects, causing material demand to increase; this means suppliers and vehicles are at their peak busyness.
This makes materials appear to be scarce due to high demand.

More clients need to wait during those summer seasons to wait for the importation of supplies and materials.

Compared to when it’s Winter, contractors may have already anticipated the number of materials they will need since they can rely on past trends on how much they demand when cold moths occur.

Lower Cost, More Rewards, and Faster Curing

Now, we are down to the last factor influencing lower concrete costs in Winter, which also affects substantially lower resurfacing costs in Orlando.

This one is about the ease and efficiency of the cold weather. Since it will rarely snow in Orlando, having a humid, cool breeze helps the curing time become faster for Orlando homeowners.

Resurfacing Your Concrete in Winter: Save Big with Orlando Contractors!

So, if you need a reason why it is still the best time to resurface concrete floors during the cold and Winter seasons, this is your reason.

Do not hesitate to call your local Concrete Contractor Orlando if you find areas in your properties that need resurfacing during winter cold months.

It is possible for the experts in Decorative Concrete Orlando.

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