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How to Use Concrete In A Cozy Home

Your first impression of concrete may be that it is cold, unforgivingly hard, and generally quite the opposite of the warm and inviting space you want to build in your home. But concrete has been used in cozy and warm homes with great results! 

How? These design tips can teach us a lot about how to use a material that is seemingly unsuitable in a way that gives it a place in any warm cozy space.

1. Using concrete as a design element of the house

If you’re unsure about how concrete can fit into the home, think first about its structural qualities. That is, exposed concrete can be used in the very structure of the house, for example as stairs or as beams and pillars. 

west coast home stamped concrete

This use of concrete’s raw strength in the design of the home positions it as an important and supportive material in the home and can help create a warm atmosphere around it.

2. Using concrete to resemble other materials

Concrete is a remarkably versatile material. With the right tools, concrete can very easily copy the exact look of other materials. A flooring material like wood, for example, is a great choice for a cozy home but its drawbacks and high cost may be stopping you from going for it. 

east coast home concrete stamping

If you want the durability and longevity of concrete floors but shy away from its appearance, concrete stamping is a solution that can give you faux wood floors with concrete. Concrete stamping works by imprinting the desired pattern or look on wet concrete, then appropriately staining it when it dries. It can be made to imitate the small nooks and imperfections of real wood.

3. Using polished concrete to complement other colors in a space

Polished concrete is an extremely popular concrete flooring solution for many minimalist homes. But even if you have a more decorated and cozy style, polished concrete floors can still work for you. 

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This works especially well if you have a room with a lot of wood elements and light warm-toned colors. A simple grey floor with an attractive gloss can perfectly offset the rest of the room and provide contrast to the eyes.

4. Using concrete combined with functionality

If you aren’t sure about using concrete elements in the main spaces of your home, consider using it in spaces that demand functionality. Laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens are places that can benefit from the functional element that concrete can bring. 

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Consider using it as a sink, as walls for your shower, or as countertops. It can help blend practicality and modernity into a cozy home.

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