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Unique Remodeling and Repair Ideas for Concrete Driveways

A landscape, be it out front or in the backyard, is essential in increasing a home’s appeal and resale value. A driveway is a part of the landscape out front that plays a huge role in enhancing curb appeal. Concrete is a highly preferred material because it is cost-effective, versatile, and durable. If a plain, utilitarian concrete driveway is not something that you would want, there are unique remodeling and repair ideas that yield stunning results at a low cost.

Concrete Driveway Resurfacingconcrete stamping orlando

Resurfacing is the process of replacing the top layer of a slab with a more durable or decorative material. This can either be a concrete driveway repair option or just a cosmetic method of changing the look of the driveway. The process involves the installation of an overlay or coating that can effectively hide cracking, spalling, and scaling on the existing driveway. The overlay can be stamped with patterns like brick, stone, and more for a more decorative appearance that looks exactly like the material it is being substituted for.

Concrete Driveway Engravingconcrete driveway engraving

Engraving is the process of cutting the top layer of concrete to create designs or patterns. Aside from being a decorative option, it is also a popular method for hiding cracks, especially those that are caused by continuous movement under the slab. The pattern should include the crack, making it seem like there is a gap there for a reason. This not only disguises the working crack but also gives the slab enough room to move without causing more cracks.

Concrete Driveway Recoloringstained concrete driveway orlando

Concrete is very porous and stains very easily. Whether the concrete is bare or has already been colored before, recoloring it could make it look new and more attractive. There are many different methods of coloring concrete. There is concrete staining, integral coloring, concrete dyeing, and more. The important factors you have to consider when choosing a coloring agent for concrete is to find one that is UV-resistant, long-lasting and dries in vivid colors.

Concrete Driveway ResealingResidential Concrete Resurfacing Orlando FL

Concrete has tiny pores that make it easy for dirt and water to penetrate. This is why most contractors recommend sealing the surface. It locks in color and adds a protective layer against harmful elements. However, sealers have a tendency to fade in more or less two years, depending on usage. It needs to be resealed to regain the protection a concrete driveway needs.

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