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Different Types Of Epoxy You Should Know

Flooring experts recommend using 100% solid floor coating for heavy-duty spaces as a Garage Flooring Oviedo, FL. One such material is epoxy floor coating, and that is the best option for you when you want a durable, impact, and slip-resistant flooring. The material is perfect for garage floors for it protects the base concrete flooring material from harsh chemicals, oil, and grease. 

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You might be having one or two of the following common concerns in your floor spaces:

  • Too many stains
  • Slippery surface
  • Oils stains
  • Greasy and grimy surface
  • Constant exposure to abrasive objects
  • Deep cracks
  • Hard to reach floor spots with severe crazing, chipping, and holes

Mentioned above are major issues that would require you to use epoxy coatings. With that said, you should know the different types of epoxy available out there, and each style has its own best trait that will meet a particular requirement in your flooring, both on residential and commercial floors. 

Kinds of Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage Floors in Orlando

Epoxy garage floors are most known for their strength, longevity, and resistance to damage. Despite its shiny, delicate look, epoxy has much more function in its form. Let us know each of the types to coat concrete garage floors:

EPOXY TYPESpecial featureArea of installation
Self-levelingSmooth, fast, and easy to apply using basic garage epoxy floor toolsPerfect for high-traffic areas, such as garage floors, forklift areas where heavy machinery damages the floors
Self-dispersingSuitable for both old and new flooring surfaces in moderate to high-traffic spaces
Residential and Commercial areas
Perfect for high traffic areas, such as garage floors, forklift areas where heavy machinery damages the floors
Mortar EpoxyToughest coating, very resilient to heavy impacts from massive objects, vehicles, machines, etc. The best material to use among warehouses, forklift areas, laboratories
Best for most industrial areas
Graveled EpoxyHas a distinct appearance where it gives the look of gravel entities, giving a modern industrial look and texture to the concrete floors.Perfect for outdoor garages in residential and commercial areas.Commercial spaces, outdoor living rooms, and other enclosed outdoor areas
Epoxy TerrazzoAesthetically superior to other epoxies, it creates the Terrazo patterns inspired by mixing silica pieces, shards of glass, pebbles, and marbles, a classic Terrazo component.Perfect for luxury homes, balcony steps, or patio floors
Residential and Commercial areas
Epoxy FlakedHas  a chic, stylish, colorful look, is stain-resistant and stain camouflagingGarage floor, small retail stores, and most commercial floors
Anti Static EpoxyHas a feature that prevents electric current and static from live wires and other electronics from flowing or traveling over the flooring spaceThe best material for sensitive areas and dangerous areas
Industrial floors as laboratories, electronic centers, and shops
Vapor BarrierSuper high resistance to moisture build-up on floors, very slip preventiveHighly critical floors where mixture or water exposure constantly exist public roads, underground spaces, laboratories, factories

Now that you know all these epoxy floor types, you can assess the floors and decide on the perfect coating to solve a particular issue. Calling professional epoxy flooring contractors would help make the right choice and proper assessment.

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Is Epoxy Floor Coating Worthy of Use?

Next, you’re probably now considering how much epoxy would cost. Indeed, the cost varies depending on the types of coating to use. Besides the kind of material, you also need to consider the area size and the degree of repair or maintenance required on your floors. 

Find out next about how much epoxy would cost. Enjoy reading our blogs!

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