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Treat the Chips, Flakes, and Cracks on Your Pool Deck Today

concrete flaking and cracking

The pool area is often a highlight in every home’s backyard. Family, friends, and guests can lounge around, take a dip, go for a swim, or enjoy a nice dinner on the pool deck. All these would be impossible if the pool deck is old and damaged. It is important to keep it in good shape so that it is ready for use and entertaining. The most common material for pool decks is concrete and, although it is a durable material, it could acquire wear and tear as time goes by. Fortunately, there are concrete repair options available to restore its purpose and enhance its look and function. This way, you never have to replace the concrete pool deck or opt for high-end decking materials that would cost you an exorbitant amount of money.

Common Damage on Concrete Pool Decks

A concrete pool deck is often exposed to pool water and outdoor elements. The most common damage it acquires are cracks, chipping surface, and flaking concrete. Not only are these unpleasant, these are also dangerous to those who would use the pool or just walk around the deck. Concrete is a very porous material. Water can easily penetrate its pores and weaken the slab. Freeze-thaw damage causes cracks and brittle concrete. The result is bits and pieces of concrete just getting loose from the surface, creating holes and rough surfaces.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

There are effective solutions for repairing damaged concrete pool deck. Here is a brief description of each:

  • Stamped Concrete Overlay – A thin layer of the overlay is enough to cover up damage and give the pool deck a new surface. It is important, however, to remove the brittle surface first, making sure that the overlay would adhere efficiently. The preferred pattern is stamped on the overlay for a more decorative and slip-resistant surface. Stains can be added to add color or to make stone, brick, or wood patterns more realistic.
  • Spray Knockdown Finish – This is an acrylic concrete coating that is sprayed, not poured, on an existing pool deck. Just like for stamping, the surface is first cleaned before the installation. The material is loaded into a hopper gun and then sprayed evenly on the pool deck. The splattered material is then knocked down with a trowel to create a textured surface that is subtly stunning and highly slip-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

This could be a result of few things but mainly the movement of the earth and extreme temperature.

It cost between $3 to $8 per square foot. The price will also depend on the condition of the concrete, the location, and the color, pattern, and texture of your selection.

  1. To remove loose pieces of concrete chisel out the crack.
  2. Remove the debris which includes chips and dust. Use a broom, shop vac, or air compressor
  3. Apply filler while checking periodically if it has settled.
  4. Let it cure for 24 hours.
  5. Seal for lasting results.
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