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Transforming the Pool Deck from Lame to Enjoyable Outdoor Space

While others consider a swimming pool a luxury, it is more of a necessity for Orlando homeowners. What better way to beat the hot and humid climate but to soak in the refreshing pool water? But don’t just settle for a pool area that only helps you cool down. Complete the package and transform it into the same luxurious pool you would find in any 5-star hotel.

  • Choose an Elegant Pool Deckingresidential pool decking orlando

As soon as you step outside, the pool area should look stunning enough to invite you in. Make sure that the first step you make is on an elegant pool decking. This does not have to involve huge investments. If you already have a concrete pool deck, you can resurface it with a stamped concrete overlay or a spray knockdown finish system. Add concrete stains to make it look even more attractive and elegant.

  • Add Stunning But Functional Furniturepool deck furniture

The trend in outdoor spaces is to make it as comfortable as the indoors. Furniture is one way you can easily achieve that. But don’t choose just any type of furniture. Make sure that it is designed for outdoor use. When shopping for furniture, don’t just choose something that looks good, make sure that it is functional enough especially for pool deck use.

  • Install Dramatic Lightingpool deck lighting

Sometimes, the right lighting is enough to make the pool area as luxurious and elegant as it can be. Adjustable lights are great for setting the mood, especially at night. A string of lights on trees or railings gives the pool area a more magical feel. The lighting fixtures you choose could also help enhance the look of the pool area and serve as a decorative piece during the daytime.

  • Make it Warm and Cozypool deck firepit

The addition of a fire pit is a great way to add a source of light and warmth to a pool deck. You can install a concrete one and surround it with chairs or benches or you could choose the portable type which you can move and transfer anywhere you want.

Whether you always host parties or not, it would be nice to equip the pool deck with cool amenities. The most popular are minibars, a small fridge or cooler, a grill, and an outdoor kitchen. You can even install a place where you can set up a projector for a night of outdoor movie marathon.

Make sure that you maintain the way your pool area looks to ensure fun and enjoyment every time you and your guests decide to hang out at the pool.

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