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Top 5 Concrete Patio Trends/Designs

The year-round sunny climate of Orlando provides the perfect setting for people to enjoy outdoor activities. For this reason, concrete patios are designed to optimize the outdoor experience. Nowadays, concrete patio Orlando trends are a mix of beauty, function, and sustainability. Here are top 5 trends in patio designs in and around the Orlando area:

1.Resurfacing Concrete Patios

It’s time to say goodbye to two of the most common patio materials: flat Orlando concrete and wood. Why have a patio that looks like everyone else’s when there are so many design options that decorative concrete resurfacing has to offer? Stamped concrete patios are one of the most popular trends nowadays because of its economical cost and uniquely attractive patterns. Patio resurfacing Orlando contractors offer a wide selection of patterns, from brick and herringbone to the more custom natural stone concrete patio. It is also very simple to install and can be applied on old slabs.

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2. Contrasting Patio Materials

Wide patios could definitely benefit from juxtaposed materials. The contrast creates a unique appeal that makes the floor always interesting to look at. For example, a patio can have a flat stained concrete floor bordered with a stamped concrete patio border surrounding it. Contrasting materials can also work, such as different grains of wood or different types of paving stones.

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3. Extending Indoor Features Outside

Concrete patio designs are becoming more and more comfortable than ever before. In fact, it is being designed with features similar to a living room, without the roof and walls. In place of wood and concrete seating elements, cushioned couches and chairs are now being used outdoors. Some even have outdoor kitchens with small fridges, grills, and other amenities people only used to have indoors.

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4. Sustainable and Environment-friendly

With the decrease of crucial resources on the planet, people are more aware and cautious of choosing sustainable products and designs. Fortunately, there are several concrete patio ideas that are not only efficient environment-wise, but also aesthetically satisfying. Concrete patio costs have gone down without compromising the need for durability and functionality.

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5. Concrete Patio Orlando Foodscaping

Foodscaping simply means combining farming with landscaping. Instead of opting for attractive flowering plants, more and more homeowners are opting for nutritious plants. Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are equally beautiful to look at on patios as flowers and plants. The great thing about foodscaping is that it can help reduce expenses for store-bought produce.

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