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7 Tips On How To Improve Your Driveway With The Best Orlando Concrete Driveway Ideas

Fashion your driveway with some of the most iconic designs to date! Aside from an aesthetic that will make your neighbors wish they had your driveway’s look, these seven tips are durable as much as they are cost-effective. Here are a few paving ideas you should try. 


1. Brick Driveway

There’s nothing like going old-school for that traditional, homey feel with the use of bricks. It’s among the oldest methods in the book yet has stood the test of time. It’s a safe choice if you feel overwhelmed by the many selections of driveway designs you encounter.

Even better, bricks that are Concrete Pavers are the less-slippery type of material because of their abrasive surface. So aside from offering that classic appearance, it’s safe for your cars as well.

2. Grass-Jointed Or Grass-Filled Pavers

You can also add a tinge of “natural” or “Earthy” to the pavement by creating jointers made of grass. The green color is a strikingly excellent contrast against any driveway’s overall tint. Besides giving off that beautiful nature-type pattern against geometrically-cut pavers, it acts as a deterrent against flooding.

At the same time, it also serves as a buffer against heavy weighted vehicles. And as a result, it aids the actual concrete from fast wear-and-tear, cracking, and breakage.

3. Alternating Gravel And Grass

Similar to number 2 because of the use of grass but dissimilar due to design, alternative rows of gravel and grass is also a method of prolonging the life of your pavement. The rows that wheels drive on are filled with gravel, and the rest of the rows, grass.

Additionally, because cars won’t be rolling on the greens themselves (unless necessary), the upkeep will be easier on you, too.

4. Permeable Pavers

It is also called a garden that’s “driveable,” this kind of concrete is designed with small patterns that geometric gaping holes meant for grass. The keyword here is “small.” Each part of the pattern, whether the gaping holes or the raised concrete are small in measurements.

In this manner, grass “peeks out” of the gaps without affecting the raised concrete. Because of this, you can conveniently drive on these permeable pavers.

5. Stone Tiling

Fifth on this list is a favorite among several home-owners— stone tiles. It’s one of the most effortless ways to bring a sense of luxury to your driveway with less effort than the rest.

This is instead of the fact that the stone type and design will instantly refashion the pavement’s aesthetic. Scout for charming stone slabs that are durable or go with the crushed kind. Crushed river rocks and marble chips are a good alternative for the latter.

6. Bushes, Hedges, And Shrubs For Borders

If you’re okay with your driveway paving yet are searching for add-ons that can add more life to it, this is a great technique that won’t cost you your entire savings: plant bushes, hedges, or shrubs as borders next to the driveway itself. 

And if you can landscape them nicely, they’ll bring in that clean-cut appeal no matter the season. 

7. Patio-Style Roofing And Boundary

If your driveway has the extra space, patio-style roofing may be an excellent accessory. Though more than an addition, its function of protecting the pavement from weathering elements will ensure it will last for longer than most.

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