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Stunning Places to be in for New Year’s Eve in Orlando, FL: Finding a Safe Space

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When New Year is around the corner, it’s best to start thinking about the perfect way to celebrate. And what better place than a safe and reliable space like your garage?

There will be spacious areas around town, like the parking space at a mall. How about along the strip by the bay that overlooks the setting sun of Orlando?

Both residential and commercial areas are preparing for the countdown, so they need to ensure that the site is secure and free of surprises.

If you live in Orlando, FL, then you’re in luck because there are plenty of great garage epoxy floor options that can help you get ready for this special night. But if you have better plans in mind, like visiting a bar or restaurant, then there are a few things you need to know.

Finding a Safe Space for Orlando, FL, New Year

Before you decide on your destination, make sure that the establishment is up to fire and safety standards. This includes inspecting for electrical hazards and ensuring the area is clean. You also have to be aware of any local laws regarding noise and alcohol.

Let’s give a quick visit to some places to go to welcome the New Year.

1. The Nook

You can see the Nook in Downtown Orlando’s Milk District. It is a great place to be during the New Year. It serves as a rooftop bar and lounge with an outdoor terrace and pool that overlooks the downtown skyline.

There isn’t any other way to celebrate that than with the tinkle of a wine glass and sipping on cocktails while you count from ten to zero and watch fireworks glitter up the sky. Bars and restaurants abound in this area. So you won’t disappoint.

Downtown Orlando

This place has all kinds of great dishes for you to enjoy, including seafood, steaks, tacos, and more.

Jai-alai in winter

3. The Hideaway Bar & Grill in Dr. Phillips

This is an excellent spot for those who want to have some fun while ringing in the New Year. It features live music, dancing, and craft cocktails.

4. Latitudes on the Water at Lake Eola

This beautiful place provides stunning views of the Orlando skyline that will be perfect for New Year’s Eve.

skyscrapers on the Lake

5. Wall Street Plaza

This is found in downtown Orlando which offers an impressive selection of drinks and a dance floor to kick off the countdown.

Safety is always crucial regardless of your plans for celebrating the New Year. Ensure you know the local laws, regulations, and safety standards.

If your business establishment or home is near these areas, you should be concerned about these few standards. 

A resto or cafe must have clean and polished floors. An outdoor space where people could gather must be sure that the surface they stand on would not catch fire. 

It’s a new year, and everyone must know the risk of sparks and fire accidents. But you could enjoy the night and the moment if you already prepared your spaces to be safe. Who knows what could happen, remember, if there is smoke, there is fire. And you want to prevent that.

What better way to resurface a safe garage than with epoxy?

So what better way to do fire prevention in your spaces than with epoxy floor or garage floor paint with high resistance to heat and flammable objects?

Also, when picking the right venue for your New Year’s Eve celebration, remember to ask yourself if you’re ready to party in that environment. If the answer is no, staying home and calling a few close friends for an intimate gathering is better.

A garage epoxy floor can now be used as your party area to welcome the new year at home. It can be used to improve the safety of your space as well as give it a nice touch. The non-slip surface can prevent slipping on spills while also providing the concrete floor with an antique look.

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