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Stamped Concrete Cost: Is It Worth Paying For?

stamped concrete overlay orlandoDecorative concrete stamping is one of the most appealing types of flooring option today. It is virtually maintenance-free, pleasing to the eye, and a lot easier in the pocket than most floor materials, such as natural stone and pavers. But how much is stamped concrete, really? It is easy to say that it is a cheaper alternative but, without comparing it with others, customers would not really understand this. Here’s how it compares to most types of flooring materials:

· Stamped concrete: $10-$15 per square foot on average
· Concrete pavers: $13-$20 per square foot
· Brick pavers: $14-$20 per square foot
· Natural Stone (marble, stone, flag stone, etc.): $17-$28 per square foot

What Affects Stamped Concrete Prices

Now that you understand how much does stamped concrete costs compared to other decorative floors, it would be easier to consider it as an option. Most stamped concrete contractors are more than willing to provide you with a free estimate or quote based on your outdoor space, be it your driveway, patios, walkways, or pool decks. Every quote will be highly influenced by certain factors:

1. Pattern
2. Color
3. Size

Benefits of Stamping Concrete

Just because the cost of stamped concrete is somewhere in the range of affordable and reasonable, this does not mean that it has a short life span or something. You might be surprised at how much benefits you are bound to reap once these are installed:

· Appearance – Because it can be stamped in a variety of patterns and designs, it can be easily installed to look like expensive stone work. So you get the same high end look at a fraction of the cost.

· Maintenance – You know how moss and weed would grow in between stones and pavers? You don’t have to worry about anything like that because there are no real joints in stamped concrete. This makes it a lot easier to clean up.

· Eco-friendly installation – You can now save the landfill from any additional concrete waste because stamping can be done on existing concrete slabs. This means you won’t have to rip out the existing old floor to make room for the new one.

· House value – Any outdoor improvement can boost property value up to 50% its original price, and that is for a plain, poured concrete. Imagine how much more curb appeal your property would have with a floor that looks like natural stone, brick, or wood!

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