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Using Stains to Hide the Creases: How to Make the Old Concrete Look Fresh

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Stained concrete flooring is a practical and affordable treatment for old, worn-out floors. You might need to call Orlando concrete contractors to do the job, but in this article, we’ll show you how it’s done.

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Creases on Concrete Floors and Staining Highlights

Concrete repair takes time. So if you need a concrete repair at home, you may have second thoughts about it.

Using stains or sealers is the key to making old concrete floors look fresh and new. Stains are designed to penetrate the surface of the concrete, leaving a beautiful colored finish that can hide imperfections or age-related creases and cracks.

Stain is generally more manageable and less expensive than painting, stamping, or epoxy coatings.

When using stains or sealers on your old concrete floor, select one that will adhere properly to the surface without flaking or peeling off over time. You’ll also want to choose one with an appropriate gloss, sheen, or texture.

How to Use the Stains for the Creases

You’ll be amazed by how staining can be a decorative accent to creased flooring. A professional to help you will even make a polished outcome. Invite Orlando decorative concrete experts if you want the best for your concrete flooring.

But if you are ready to take down the challenge at your own time and pace. Here is a quick look at staining effects to repair the thin cracks and homegrown creases on the floors. There are two:

1. Stains to Hide The Crease

What one would typically do first is to hide or make the crease disappear. So instead of removing heavy slabs, why not reuse and revive the concrete’s strength? To do this, patch and stain the floors.

The crooked lines on the surface do not have to bother you. Here is what you need to do. First, vacuum or sweep the crease to remove any dirt or dust.

After it is cleaned, patch the crease or fill deep or wide cracks using a concrete filler or patching compound.

Patched lines will be evident once you do fill the cracks. The next thing you need to do is to even out the surface.


Use a roller or brush to apply the stain to the floor evenly.

For a better effect, you can layer two or more colors of stain onto the same area for an exciting and vibrant look. To hide the patched linings apply a base color.

Finish this process with two or three layers of final staining to deepen the color tone of the stain used.

What you want to happen here is to coat the surface so the old layer of the concrete will no longer come out, and a new surface will emerge.

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2. Stains to Reveal the Creases

In contrast to the first method, you can use stains or sealers to reveal or exaggerate the lines of your old concrete floors.This idea works best when there are fine or thin lines or cracks on the surface and don’t require too much patching or filling.

The same rules apply to prepare the surface for this effect.

After preparing, apply a layer of stain or sealer that matches the overall color scheme of your room or property.

Then, work toward accentuating one specific area, like a line or crack. Use a roller brush to add another layer of stain, but choose one darker than the base color this time.

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Do this at least two times. You can learn about this in detail in our next blog.

The highlighted crease will turn into a decorative accent. It will remind you of the style of marbled stones. Now, you got a stunning, posh-looking interior.

The Upside of Using Stained Concrete to Enhance Your Floorings

Refresh the look of the flooring surface

It can make the old, worn-out look feel new and fresh again. Plus, it will provide a level of protection against further wear.

It adds a touch of beauty

Stains or sealers beautify your home or business by adding an attractive touch to the overall design or interior styling. You can get creative with colors and designs or even add specific decorative elements designed specifically for stained concrete Orlando floors.

Having an experienced team from one of the best Orlando concrete contractors do this job is essential to ensure you get excellent results that will last many years.

Finishing remarks on stained flooring effects

Stains are an excellent solution for old worn, out floors that need some life back into them. With stains, you can even repair creased floors without replacing them with new ones. It’s fast, easy, and affordable!

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