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Stained Concrete Floors Orlando, FL: Bringing Plain Flooring to Life

Over a decade of being in the service of decorative resurfacing, Sun Surfaces Orlando never fails to deliver beautifully crafted floors.

At Sun Surfaces of Orlando, we want our customers to get the most out of the benefits of adding colors to their homes with stained concrete driveway, patio, pool decks, interior floors, and other surfaces. We also offer polished concrete and epoxy flooring and other floor coatings if you want to upgrade your concrete flooring.

brown stained garage floor

Often concrete floors look utilitarian, and they got this typical plain, cold grey look. Decorative floors developed a conventional method to give life to the concrete comes, with stained concrete.

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If you need more reason why we are the perfect staining contractors for you, here are a few of our notable credentials:

  • We are licensed, bonded, and certified concrete contractors ensuring you of service team you can trust
  • We aim to bring you quality service with top-tier materials to add value to your properties.
  • Our stained concrete techniques have unlimited color options to find what best suits your properties.
  • Our stained application transforms any flooring into a luxurious kind yet cost-efficient.
  • With our professional team, turn your old, worn-out concrete into an elegant centerpiece in your homes and business spaces.
  • With an experienced contractor, your stained concrete will only result in beautiful, stunning, and elegant floorings.

Staining concrete has been around for a long time. Consider it as one of the earliest forms of decorating the floors. Now with professionals, the staining application evolves. Decorative Concrete Orlando contractors provide two ways to stain – water-based and acid-stained concrete. Find out more about these here!

Types of Concrete Stain Floor Services

Concrete stains come in two types: acid-based and water-based. Both provide colors but in different intensities. To give you a glimpse of what each one is about, here is a brief description:

  • Acid Stain – If you want unique and random patterns and colors to appear on your floor, then an acid-based stain is an excellent option for any concrete patio ideas. The chemical content in this stain causes a reaction when it comes in contact with the natural components of the concrete floor, thus, creating a mottled look with a semi-translucent color. No two floors that have been treated with an acid stain look precisely alike. This requires a neutralization and rinsing process to get rid of chemical residues.
  • Water-Based Stain – As the name implies, this stain has no chemicals applied topically on a concrete floor, creating a durable film or coating that gives off a more opaque color. This is ideal for those who want a more pronounced design or color on their floor. The colors and patterns can be controlled.

Consider the technique as an upgraded version of the waxed floor. The floors become opulent and smooth, and it shines with a polished finish. Professional Orlando decorative contractors would use concrete coloring with pigments to penetrate the cement material and make the concrete colorful compared to its typical grey look.

Application Areas for Stained Concrete Floors

Anywhere you got interior concrete, staining will enhance it. But now, with innovative techniques and with skills mastered by Orlando decorative resurfacing, stained flooring methods have become versatile. They are improving both indoor and outdoor floors.

1. Driveway

The stained concrete driveway allows the space to emerge even with the floor’s exposure to heavy vehicle traffic. With staining, the colored concrete driveways would not fade and stay appealing. 

2. Patio

Add more warmth to your outdoor living rooms, the patios. The opulent stained floor is simply stunning and will not disappoint anyone that what they see is a piece of elegance.

3. Pool decks

Pool decks will have their colors remain without any early signs of fading and washing off. The stained concrete pool decks have pigments penetrating the cement, so their colors are deep, vibrant, and perfect for the pools.

4. Interior floors

And, of course, the interior floors Orlando. Stained concrete is made for this. Interior floorings that were old and worn would still look polished, good as new.

Benefits of Concrete Staining

Color is more than just visually appealing. And it can put people in a positive mood and make space much more exciting. When added to a dull, boring concrete floor, color can even make the overall property a lot more valuable than it already is.

Concrete stain Orlando can help sealing concrete, especially those with cracks. Stain concrete can help repair the surface upon installation. This finish also acts as maintenance on your floors.

There may be various other ways you add color to your floors, such as dyes, pigments, and even paint. Still, there are many reasons why using a concrete stain Orlando comes highly recommended:

  • It is durable and long-lasting, mainly if a clear sealer is applied on top of it.
  • It is affordable because it can be applied to your old concrete staining Orlando, as long as it is still in good condition.
  • There is an unlimited selection of colors to choose from, making customization possible in every way.
  • Depending on your preferences, patterns and designs can be incorporated in one or more colors.
  • The results are stunning and elegant.

Concrete stains are perfect for your concrete project and business. Our company offers concrete coatings and overlay that work on areas such as your driveways, living room, and walkway. There are many options, colors, style, and design that will give a different experience for you.

Are these concrete floor finishes perfect addition to your homes and business spaces? Call now @ (407)-423-3342 or email Sun Surfaces. Get a fast, free quotation for your flooring needs today!
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