Decorative Concrete Orlando

TUSCAN – Stamped cement overlays

Sun Surfaces of Orlando offers Sundek’s Tuscan effect. Through hand-trowelling in each installation, you can create an Old World European masterpiece. The Tuscan cement overlay surface is perfect for patios, pool decks, entryways, driveways, and balconies. The Tuscan effect can be applied horizontally or vertically, creating the look of natural stone.

If your concrete patio is structurally sound, concrete resurfacing Orlando with Tuscan can be a viable option instead of removing the concrete and laying natural stones individually. With the Tuscan effect, the concrete can be revived and mimic the beautiful Old-World style, all the while providing easier maintenance, better durability, less cost, and less hassle. The Tuscan cement overlay provides you with the appearance of the natural Tuscan stone.

Concrete Pool Deck Overlays

Concrete pool decks Orlando, much like concrete patios or porches, are becoming a rising trend seeking decorative options to enhance the look of the grey slabs. Such options come in the form of colors and textures, the variations of which provide an inviting area for socializing, sunbathing, cooking as well as more slip-resistance for enhanced safety. Given the same attention as interior design, decorative concrete pool decks compliment the exterior of a home, while raising the value, and connecting the interior of the home with the exterior of the yard for a lower cost than natural materials. Durable, concrete pool decks offer a safer alternative to stone or wood. However, the decorative techniques applied to each accent the concrete, leaving a look that mirrors that of wood or stone at an affordable price. The concrete pool decks or other concrete areas are often designed to draw people in, offering a place for socializing, accommodations, rest, reading, all while surrounded often by a barbecue, hot tub, or other amenities. This dramatic idea enhances the concrete pool decks with richly colored stones as well as textures.

Concrete Front Entryway Refinishing

For your concrete front entryway try incorporating shapely curved steps provides fancy edges or enhancing seat walls which offer a comfortable place to sit, constructed through flanking the sides of the concrete front entryway, enhanced with a top that mimics brick or stone. Lastly, concrete columns, arches, as well as balustrades can provide a finishing touch, nothing short of elegant, all stained with the Tuscan effect.

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