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SunStone Orlando, FL: Sunkek Product Overlay Installation

The Sundek SunStone Cement Coating is perfect for entryways, patios, pool decks, driveways, or any other interior or exterior areas. The cement coating is great for commercial or residential settings making it the perfect addition Sun Surfaces of Orlando FL can offer.

Faux Natural Stone Overlay Installation

Sunstone is an architectural limestone coating that is applied over concrete giving it a look and feel of real stone. After pressure washing the concrete, a mixture of the concrete overlay is applied with a squeegee or a hand trowel over the existing concrete. After its application, the texture is added. Once it has been smoothed and is drying, a carving tool is used to create whichever pattern you wish. You can create tile, slate, or any other hand-carved design of your choice. After it has dried, a sponge or sprayer can be used to highlight different stones. The final clear sealer can be sprayed on or rolled to give the concrete application protection.

This process takes plain concrete slab sand decorates them whether they are indoors or outdoors, at a price lower than the cost of removing and replacing the concrete with natural stone. With the decorative stamped overlay, your concrete will become more aesthetically pleasing. Front entries, patios, pool decks, and driveways are some of the common areas where this concrete product is applied.

Decorative Concrete finishers come in different patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors, offering you a chance to use your creativity. The achievable looks and decorative options with stamped concrete overlays can be determined on your own or with the guidance of experts who can lead you toward the best system to meet your requirements, blend with the durability of your concrete, provide the appearance that you are seeking, along with the best maintenance and cost akin to your needs. The SunStone overlay provides the aforementioned aesthetic qualities as well as the best wear resistance.

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