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Stamped Concrete Overlays: SunStamp

Sun Surfaces of Orlando, a known name in the decorative concrete industry, offers many solutions to your plain, grey concrete. Since Sundek Products, practically invented the process of concrete resurfacing back in 1970 its through experience and dedication to customer service that they have remained a premier concrete stamping company in the world. Sunstamp is also a cost saving alternative to stamped concrete, due to the fact that the cement or concrete does not have to be torn out and replaced before the stamping concrete process occurs. It allows for the look and feel of stamped concrete without the mess, cost, long installation time frame and can easily be installed on top of existing concrete surfaces.

Decorative Concrete Overlay Installation

Beautification begins with implementing one of their designs such as the SunStamp. It beings with hand trowel or squeegee application of the sundek modified cement overlay. This step serves as the base to which we will apply the stamp texture. The sundek lift off release agent is placed into a pop up sprayer and applied to the textured matte, as well as to the base material. This step will allow the matte to lift cleanly leaving the product where it belongs. The textured matte is placed into position over the drying base and tamped down; the result is uncovered to show the new impression. After it is dry, the new concrete overlay is scrapped to remove excess material which will provide a comfortable, safe decorative looking surface. Coloring and sealing is the finishing touch. Your coloring options are applied to the surface. Whether you choose the Sunstain, Sunglaze, or acrylic finish, you selected SunStamp and the result will be a beautiful custom coating which you will be proud of for years to come. The concrete stamp finish can only be installed by factory trained applicators. Sun Surfaces of Orlando has their certification and recently won the prestigious 1st place national award for concrete overlays at the 2010 World of Concrete Convention! If you are looking for a world-class concrete stamping contractor in the Orlando Florida, give us a call, we would love to make your project the next 2011 national award winner!

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