Decorative Concrete Orlando

SunSplash: Colored Cement Finish Orlando, FL

SunSplash is a very economical spray textured coating offered by Sundek. This decorative concrete addition is best when applied to vertical or horizontal walking surfaces. It offers protection in the form of a friendly coating solution preventing your walkway from pollutants, weather damage, as well as salts. This acrylic cement finish is great for patios, retaining walls, balconies, pool decks, as well as driveways. SunSplash is the perfect finish for residential and commercial areas.

Colored Concrete Overlay Installation

The first step to installing Sunsplash is to pressure wash and remove any remaining dirt or loose material from things such as previous painting. Once that clean surface dries, the application of a new coat of epoxy primer is rolled on to the surface. After it dries, a mixture of silica sand, cement, and polymers are applied and left to dry.

Finally, a single top coat of acrylic sealer is applied to ensure that the entire area has been sealed. Once dry, the area is open again to public or private use leaving an aesthetically appealing, low cost, durable cement surface.

Decorative concrete resurfacing with Sun Surfaces of Orlando can correct issues such as an unleveled pool deck, a boring pool deck, one which is too hot, stained, slippery, cracked, or chipped. Stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, epoxy rock, salt finishes, or newly laid pool decks can be revived through commercial concrete resurfacing. Patios, sunrooms, or any exterior rooms can always benefit from residential concrete resurfacing. Items such as Sundek SunSplash can resurface any concrete area with a coating. If the existing or new patio or courtyard needs to make a beautiful statement, drawing all visitors to it, or even if it needs to complement another feature of the commercial business, commercial decorative concrete resurfacing can help. New concrete can be matched with patio coating. A courtyard with cracks can be rectified as well. With Sundek SunSplash, any structurally sound surface can be resurfaced with this concrete coating.

For the exterior of your home, pool decks and patios often need sealing, resurfacing, or perhaps a new coating. Residential decorative concrete resurfacing offers an inexpensive means of rectifying issues such as cracks, chips, slippery decks, or uneven decks.

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