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Sunglaze – Colored Concrete Sealer

Sun Surfaces of Orlando enhances the aesthetic and durability of your concrete spaces with our Sunglaze sealer. By mixing brown or black powder color pigments with a clear Sundek finish coat, we create a captivating translucent stain effect. This choice in materials allows our experts to deliver exceptional results, boosting the appearance and robustness of your projects.

Sunglaze not only elevates the visual appeal of your surfaces but also offers durable protection and easy maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution for homeowners seeking to enhance their space. Our team can provide an accurate estimate, ensuring that each project meets the unique needs and expectations of our clients.


Sunglaze offers a superior staining solution by integrating high-quality color pigments with a clear Sundek finish coat, producing a unique translucent effect. 

This innovative product enhances the visual appeal of concrete surfaces while providing robust protection against the elements. 

Its easy maintenance ensures that your surfaces stay looking new for years, making Sunglaze an excellent choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Installation Process

The installation of Sunglaze begins with a meticulous pressure washing to clear the concrete of all dirt and debris, ensuring a clean surface for optimal adherence. 

Following this, areas adjacent to the application site are masked minimally to prevent overspray. The sealer, enhanced with fine glass beads for traction, is either rolled or sprayed onto the concrete, creating a durable and slip-resistant finish.

Applications and Compatibility

Sunglaze is versatile enough to be used on a variety of concrete surfaces including driveways, walkways, patios, decks, and front entryways. 

Its compatibility with different Sundek products allows it to be applied over other decorative concrete solutions, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of the surfaces.

Versatility of Sunglaze Finishes

Whether your project calls for a subtle enhancement or a bold redesign, Sunglaze can accommodate various design needs. It is effective on stenciled concrete, exposed-aggregate finishes, engravings, and stamped concrete overlays. 

This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for achieving a range of looks, from elegant translucency to vibrant, solid stains, expanding upon an already perfected concrete design.

Enhancing Stamped Concrete with Sunglaze Colored Sealer

Sunglaze colored concrete sealer enhances stamped concrete overlays in Orlando, providing homeowners with a cost-effective solution to improve the appearance and durability of their space.

Our experts utilize high-quality materials and specialized tools, applying Sunglaze to create vibrant, custom designs that transform any project. This choice not only delivers exceptional aesthetic results but also offers a robust, protected surface that maintains its appeal over time.

With extensive experience in concrete projects, we ensure that each application of Sunglaze meets the unique needs and expectations of our clients, providing accurate estimates and durable, beautiful finishes.

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