Decorative Concrete Orlando

Sunglaze – Colored Concrete Sealer

Sun Surfaces of Orlando mixes the brown or black powder color pigment with the clear finish coat from Sundek to give you a translucent stain effect. Sunglaze not only enhances the look but also protects your surface, and is easily maintained.

Sunglaze Installation:

To apply the concrete sealer, the surface is pressure washed so that any debris or dirt is removed. After this, minimal masking may occur to protect the surroundings. This semi-transparent sealer is either rolled or sprayed on the concrete surface. Fine glass beads are added to the hopper and then broadcast on the surface so that it is now topped with traction.

This option goes well with a myriad of other Sundek options on a variety of surfaces including concrete driveways Orlando, walkways, patios, decks, and front entryways. Your front entryway is an open invitation to your visitors. It serves as the welcoming hug and threshold into your home. Concrete can be used as a base as well as an architectural means of accenting your home. With shapes, patterns, textures, and colors all viable options to enhance concrete, a concrete front entryway can be molded into a warm and decorative attraction which beckons visitors to your home. It protects your investment for years to come.

Sunglaze can be used on a variety of finishes like stenciled concrete, exposed-aggregate finishes, engravings, and stamped concrete overlays Orlando. Whether you are seeking translucent Concrete Surface, or a solid concrete stain, this option is the perfect means of expounding upon an already perfected design.

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