Sundek Classic Texture: Acrylic Cement Coating Orlando, FL

One of the properties you should look for in a decorative concrete coating is a product that can be applied in a thin application yet still offer a high strength finish. This is why Sundek Classic Texture has been used as a concrete resurfacing product for over thirty years. It works as well on new concrete as well as old.

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What are the special needs associated with a concrete overlay? Consider the following:

  • Flexibility – Concrete swells and contracts with changes in temperature, which is one of the reasons that most large concrete pours result in cracks if control joints are not used.  Because Sundek Acrylic Cement Coating has plastics mixed in with the cement, it moves along with the concrete beneath, limiting the occurrence of cracking.
  • Adhering Capabilities – No matter how good a surfacing compound is, it must be able to join with the concrete beneath or it will eventually fail. It bonds with the concrete, becoming part of the surface system.
  • Sealing Properties – Many concrete overlays are too porous, allowing water to form a barrier between the concrete and the coating.  This causes a surface failure, and it usually doesn’t take long for it to happen.  Acrylic concrete overlay repels the water and maintains the integrity of the bond.
  • Adaptability – Everyone doesn’t want the same texture or finish on concrete, and with Classic Texture professionals can produce almost any design imaginable.  It  is one of the most popular and often used of the Sundek finishes, and it can be knocked down, smoothed out, or textured.
  • Anti-Slip – It’s simple to leave the finish rough enough so that people won’t slide down around swimming pools or on decks where water is present, yet acrylic coating maintains a smooth enough consistency that it doesn’t hurt bare feet.
  • Cool to the Touch – Again, the plastics in Classic Texture reduce the heat of the cement products beneath.  There is a noticeable change from the blistering surface of bare concrete.

For all these obvious reasons, Sundek Acrylic Cement Coating is the primary choice of professional concrete masons for concrete overlay and concrete resurfacing projects in Orlando, FL.

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