Polyurea Polyaspartic Orlando Coatings: Garage Floors

In the construction industry, many years may pass without any new breakthroughs in materials that are better than the previous standard products.

Sometimes, improvements are actually backward steps as the new products are disproved after they have seen the widespread application. Some people wonder if polyurea polyaspartic concrete coatings are the real deal.

1 day garage flooring option Orlando FL

The older we get, the more doubtful we become of new products, but the hoopla on polyurea polyaspartic might be well deserved. 

Proponents of this concrete epoxy claim can be applied at any temperature that will bond to any concrete surface and will bridge gaps in the concrete.

 It also withstands high heat and doesn’t stain or fade in UV light. And if that’s not enough, it also cures to full strength in thirty minutes.

Polyurea garage floor and stairs

If you are familiar with the concrete coating products on the market before polyaspartic coatings became available, you will unequivocally agree that there is nothing else out there that compares to concrete epoxy.

One of the popular applications for this epoxy floor is the enhancement of garage floor coatings Orlando. This polyurea garage floor coating option not only improves the floor’s appearance but also increases the surface’s ability to resist tire marks, chemicals, and stains. 

There are many colors to choose from, and the product also offers additional decorative options using paint or quartz addictive chips.

In the not so distant past, the garage was a boring gray concrete surface and nothing more. This is no longer the case. The new trend is to customize floors, and epoxy floor coatings are very popular for upgrading dull and boring to exciting and attractive decorative concrete floors.

The application of a polyurea polyaspartic coating not only makes the concrete surface much more attractive than plain gray concrete; it also makes the floor more functional and wear-resistant. Your garage floor doesn’t have to be boring anymore and is very safe in the experienced hands of Sun Surfaces of Orlando.

Frequently Asked Questions

Polyurea is 4x stronger than epoxy, 98% more flexible, and is UV resistant which won’t fade or turn into a sour, unpleasant yellow in the sunlight.

It costs around $5 to $7 per square foot.

Yes but this is worth it with its durability.

It would typically cost around $5 to $7 per square foot.

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