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Sundek has been a leader in the decorative concrete industry since 1970. Whether you are looking for an interior or exterior concrete coating for your pool deck, patio, driveway, or any other concrete surface, commercial or residential, Decorative Concrete officially brings you Sundek products in Orlando.

Sundek has a solution for your needs. We offer the best in decorative concrete resurfacing, including stamped concrete overlays, stained concrete, garage floor coatings, and much more. Take a look at our products today.

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Sundek Products:

Sundek Acrylic Cement Coating

A spray coating common to patios, pool decks, driveways, and front entries is the classic texture of Sundek Acrylic coating. Installing the classic spray texture on your outdoor concrete gives endless design possibilities. Get here, whatever style and patterns you like.

  • SunStamp – Stamped Cement Overlays

This one is a fantastic stamped concrete product. SunStamp produces custom designs stamped on existing concrete, thus functions as an overlay. It makes the concrete polished, lasts long, and beautiful to walk on.

TUSCAN – Stamped cement overlays

Get the Tuscan effect to provide a unique stamping design on your outdoor exterior concrete. Also, one of Sundek’s highly sought overlay products for outdoor floors. Make your patios standout with the Tuscan effect.

Sundek SunStone

Make a unique flooring with a limestone concrete coating to match the value of real limestone. A decorative overlay that “looks and feels like real stone is SunStone by Sundek. Also known as the “Architectural Limestone Coating,” this is a specific Sundek product. It can be installed on various types of surfaces, like brick, stucco, cinder block, etc., so give us a call now and plan to have SunStone.

SunSplash – Colored Cement Finish

The SunSplash, colored cement finish provides a decorative spray textured finish. With this spray, the concrete surfaces get protection from salts, outdoor pollutants, and extreme weather.

SunSand – Colored Acrylic Coating

The distinct feature of SunSand is the glass beads added to the acrylic coating that finishes outdoor concrete. Other fine components are also added to enhance slip-resistance. Apply this on vertical concrete surfaces, too.

SunColor – Solid Color Concrete Stain

SunColor is an economical decorative acrylic coating. It’s a water-based stain applied on surfaces for achieving the colors you want. Suncolor can also be added to either existing stained floors or dyed or colored floors.

SunGlaze – Colored Concrete Sealer

Providing easy-maintenance floors with highly protective functions, it is SunGlaze. This is a product that meets both requirements. It’s ideal for exterior concrete. SunGlaze produces a translucent style turning ordinary concrete into an extraordinary floor.

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