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Can I Self-install Concrete Staining?

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Nowadays, when information is more accessible, some activities become easier and simpler even without hiring professionals.  That is the so-called DIY or do it yourself! It could mean kitchen remodeling, plumbing projects, modifying the designs in the living room, or interior painting. Name it, and there will be very little chance that if the activity involves home improvements and remodeling, it cannot be included in the DIY list. And included in the list is the transformation of one’s concrete floor into a unique look and durable material – the application of concrete stains.

And what is the answer to the question can I self-install concrete staining? It is a resounding yes!

Know Your Concrete Type

First things first, know the type of concrete stain that is best for the concrete floor. There are two types of concrete stains: acid stains and acrylic stains. Acid stain is the reaction of the acid compound in the mixture and the lime components of the concrete. When the reaction is finished, the product is a unique surface with a natural look and translucent multi-hued finish. On the other hand, acrylic stains contain pigments that permeate into the pores of the concrete and then permanently adhere.

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Know What to Apply

If a more consistent color is desired for the floor, the acrylic stain is an expensive way of improving its appearance. It’s like applying dye to the surface to mask the irregularities in its exterior design and therefore hide the imperfections. Concretes that are in existence for quite a number of years contain little amounts of lime in them compared to newly installed ones, and acrylic stains are a better option.

Know What to Consider

However, there are still other details that are of equal importance in order to give a big yes to the question “can I self-install concrete staining?” The second step is to prepare the concrete and it plays a critical part in the success of the project, and the quality of the product. The concrete surface should be clean and free from any foreign materials such as sand, leaves, or stones. It is advisable to remove any discoloration such as pet stains or any dirt marks because it will show through when the staining process is done. The concrete stain is then applied using tools like rushes, mops, rollers, or sprays. And the coating depends on the desired color. Make sure to dry each coat before applying the next one.

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When the acid stain is used instead of acrylic, there are recommended procedures from the manufacturers of the product on how to remove acid residues when the drying and curing are through. After the surface is dried completely, it is now time to clean it by vacuuming the remaining debris. The final step is to seal the concrete using the desired sealant. It is also important to choose the appropriate sealer that will protect the concrete from corrosion. Various choices include non-skid or slip-resistant sealants, and some brands will give a glossy or satin look to concrete finishes.

Then it’s done! Therefore, when the question is can I self-install concrete staining? Yes, it is an exciting DIY!

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