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What is the difference between a remodel and renovation?

pool remodeling orlandoYou can make distinctions between remodel and renovation according to the degree of flooring damage, repair requirements, and specific flooring areas to fix. Get practical tips in today’s post with pool remodeling Orlando!


Suppose you see a big crack on the surface. Will you remodel the floor or renovate. Or, what if you got an old stamping on your outdoor floors. You want to change the design and upgrade the appeal of your patio? Will you remodel or renovate?

Define the fine lines that compare the two processes known to designing your pool deck, floor repairs, and more! All these in today’s post, so keep reading!

Construction Words: Remodel Vs. Renovate

A clear distinction of the two words that often mean the same for clients means different for contractors.

How do professional flooring installers draw the line? Let’s define.


 Definition of terms:

  • Revive. Restore.
  • To make new again.
  • To give a brand new look to an old existing structure.
  • Repair

The Process Involve:

Now that you see the definitions above, you get a basic understanding of how the process goes.

You can pin the terms down to repair. To renovate the floors, you to mind the following steps:


  • First, check and see the condition of your floors. You may notice minor damages like cracks, dents, or holes.

Decide on what repair method to apply

  • Floor resurfacing is the basic method to repair, revive or restore a flooring surface. 
  • This step involves installing a new layer of the same flooring material, concrete flooring, for example.


  • Get your floors for renovation. Grinding is a common way to prep the surface for any type of resurfacing.

Ways to Resurface, Repair, Renovate the Concrete Floors

  • Polishing
  • Concrete floor resurfacing 
  • Refinishing
  • Concrete overlay


 Definition of terms:

  • Definition of Terms:

    • Rework. Refashion. Rebuild
    • To make a new model, type, or shape of the same thing.


The Process Involve

Again, with the terms above, you now can tell and infer that remodel involves more complex tasks.

When you decide to remodel, it may also mean that you may want to change the material of your building, flooring, etc.

Remodeling involves the same main processes of assessment, planning or designing, reconstruction, and finishing. 

However, the steps require more minor steps. Skim them in the following:

  • Assess the Floor

If you plan to remodel your flooring area, this will involve more than just repairing major or minor cracks. 

You might also want to assess if you need to keep using the same materials? You might need to install new ones. You cannot go about remodeling and keep the same look by just polishing the surface or changing the colors but still looks and shaped the same. That is repair or renovation alone.

  • Planning & Designing

Under this next step, you are now considering if you want to use the same material. For example, you want to remodel your pool. If you do this, you will think about the type of material to design the deck. Do you want to change a fiberglass pool with a concrete pool deck? 

Take the following considerations:

  • Area size 
  • Type of Materials
  • Function or purpose
  • Them or motif in your properties
  • Installation of New Model

After you planned and decided on the design, you begin remodeling. If you are on this step already, you will notice that you are somehow constructing an entirely new facility. The only difference is that you have the foundations already. 

Under this process, you may be installing extensions, new floors, new walls, or additional parts. Also, renovation requires you to rid of old materials. For instance, old concrete slabs need to go to the mines and pave the way for newer, updated ones.


All Things Considered

Do you agree with the terms and process above? Are renovate and remodel clear to you now? To begin assessing the floors in your home or business areas. Do they need repair, renovate or remodeling? 

You can call a trusted local flooring contractor near you. Decorative Concrete Orlando will help you figure out what your floors need if you start getting in touch with them today. You can also find out the cost next.


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