Rejuvenating Your Garage Floors

epoxy-garage-floor-coating-03Your garage can be more than just a place for your car away from elements or a simple space where you pile things up until they can’t be moved anymore. It can be a place where you store gardening tools, hang up your bike, a place to jam in with a band. It’s basically like a storage unit and a workshop area. During bad weather and there’s no other place to go to, you can even turn your garages into a hangout place. And for a concrete space like this, a normal floor is not sufficient enough to keep you from holding up against all the traffic. A refinished concrete, on the other hand, is strong enough for this kind of pressure. It can stand up to repeated use over the years, and it can still look as attractive as ever. Here are some of the best concrete resurfacing systems that you can adapt for your garage floor:

Natural Stone Stamps

You can transform you basic, dull concrete into a work of art that looks organic and sophisticated with a natural stone stamp and stain. These are decorative concrete options best used on patios, pool decks, and driveways but they can also fit perfectly in your garage. A stone-styled border can give your parking lot an extra style and polish. If you already have this look on your yard, then having it in your garage can maximize the unity and harmony of your landscape.

Concrete Tile

A real tile floor in a garage is an impractical way of beautifying your space. It’s expensive and a hassle to apply. A tile pattern created with our very own coating is far more feasible and practical. Grout and porous ceramics are hard to keep from looking clean when installed indoors, so imagine how these would look once you have it in your garage! Our concrete resurfacing system are the best at making tile patterns that look like the real deal. A stamped design of perfect square tiles can create a classic, orderly look. You can have an abstract appearance for your garage once you combine these systems.

Paint Chips

One of the special finishes that we could achieve is a speckle pattern. It’s popular for refinishing garage floors and it can bring texture and a maximized visual appeal in a room where design elements are sometimes ignored. Aside from these things, paint chips can disguise floor stains. They look similar to a granite counter top with a small-scale grain. A vast array of speckle colors can be done, and also partnered with grays and tans and even off-white.

Acid Stains

A garage can be turned into a welcoming place that you come home to every evening and wake up to every morning. A warm brownstone colored stain can achieve this kind of feel for your garage and help you feel great every time. Concrete staining is one of our popular specialty systems. It’s so easy to do and finishes really fast.

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