Quick Tips To Upkeep Concrete Driveway

The most practical material for driveways is concrete. Why? It is durable and versatile. A driveway would surely benefit from this material because it often exposed to vehicle traffic and Orlando’s humid climate. Although durable, it can get worn down as time goes by, which is why it is important to apply simple yet effective upkeep. Here are quick and easy ways to maintaining a concrete driveway Orlando surfaces:

Clean Occasionally

The frequency of cleaning depends on how much usage a driveway goes through. Commercial driveways require more cleaning. A simple sweeping is good enough to remove leaves and dirt. It is important to clean driveways of debris because it could also damage the wheels of the vehicles driving on it.

Reapply Sealer as Needed

Concrete sealers are extremely helpful in protecting a driveway. This protective layer helps prevent dirt and moisture from seeping into the porous surface. This, however, could also fade and wear out so it is important to reapply the sealer every two years or if you think the previous one has already faded. Make sure to consult a concrete contractor Orlando expert regarding the best type of sealer to use on your driveway.

Remove Stains ASAP

Although sealers can help protect driveways from stains, it is still highly recommended to clean up spills as soon as it happens. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. For existing stains, there is driveway resurfacing Orlando solutions for driveways to help cover up the unpleasant stain, such as a stamped concrete overlay or a concrete stain application.

Find an Alternative to Deicers

Deicing chemicals or salts are great for use during the winter season because it prevents frost from forming on driveways. However, it can be quite damaging, especially for concrete surfaces. In order gain good traction and slip-resistance, it is ideal to find an alternative to deicers that wouldn’t be as harmful. You could apply sand on the driveway to make it non-skid during winter. Not only is it effective, it is also a lot more economical.

Minimize Weight and Impact

Not all driveways are created equal. If yours is not meant to endure tons of weight, then avoid driving heavy vehicles or equipment on it. Also, it is important to be extra careful when using shovels or other bladed tools on the driveway as the impact could cause dents and pits. Imagine how much concrete repair Orlando costs that would cause. Concrete driveways are just as important as any part of a home so it must be treated with as much as love and care.

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