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Residential decorative concrete resurfacing and repair in Orlando FL is an excellent way to combine home elements to make a more uniform and pleasing statement. A home sometimes has various finishes with no curb appeal. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many products available that can enhance the appearance of dull, boring concrete.

Superior Solutions for Resurfacing Concrete Surfaces

Sundek Classic Texture is a popular choice for pool deck resurfacing, extending its application to patios and entryways. This versatile coating enhances the overall appeal and aesthetic continuity, enabling creative designs like a Mediterranean-style stone look, seamlessly integrating with the dwelling’s style.

For those who enjoy going barefoot, the textured surface across exterior flat work creates a gentle, cooler feel underfoot. Proper application reduces the risk of slipping on wet surfaces. What makes concrete overlays particularly appealing is their ability to rejuvenate existing concrete, not just new construction or pours.

Sundek products effectively address common issues, resulting in a structurally sound and visually pleasing surface. These products can transform dull flooring into attractive finishes that harmonize with your home’s elements. Decorative concrete resurfacing is a long-lasting upgrade that adds value, durability, slip resistance, enhanced appearance, and affordability to your property. Explore resurfacing solutions for various areas like pool decks, walkways, sunrooms, entryways, garages, basements, and patios, all offering both beauty and durability. 


Benefits of Resurfacing Residential Concrete Areas

Resurfacing offers numerous advantages to various surfaces, including residential floors, such as homes, sidewalks, garages, patios, and driveways. This process entails applying a fresh layer over an existing surface, enhancing the floor’s appearance, durability, and safety. Key benefits of resurfacing include:

  • Enhanced Appearance: Resurfacing rejuvenates a worn, lackluster floor, creating a smooth, appealing surface. This transformation can be achieved through painting, staining, or polishing.

  • Increased Durability: A new layer shields the underlying surface from damage caused by wear and tear, weather, and chemicals.

  • Improved Safety: Resurfaced floors can be made slip-resistant, particularly beneficial for foot traffic in wet conditions.

  • Cost-Efficiency: Resurfacing is often a more economical option than removing and replacing old floors, particularly for expansive areas like driveways.

  • Easy Maintenance: Maintaining resurfaced floors is a breeze. Sealing the surface prevents staining and prolongs its lifespan.

Resurfacing serves both residential and commercial/industrial purposes, with Orlando contractors specializing in driveway repair, slab resurfacing, and patio resurfacing.

Products to Consider for Decorative Concrete Installation

  • SunStamp for stamped overlays – this application is installed only by authorized artisans and is achieved through the use of templates, concrete stamping, free-form carving, and coloring techniques on a variety of surfaces.
  • Tuscan for a handcrafted alternative to stamped overlays – every installation is hand trowelled to create the effects of scored work, flagstone, even slate.
  • Classic Texture offers a spray textured overlay – used alone or in conjunction with other applications, this product offers slip resistance and cooler surfaces, perfect for a walkway, pool deck, patio, entryway, and driveway resurfacing.
  • SunStone is an architectural limestone coating – gives the look of real quarried stone without the cost of genuine limestone. SunStone can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces including stucco, hardboard, concrete block, gypsum wallboard, brick, foam, etc.
  • SunCanvas micro-topping – this is a very thin overlay to produce a smooth surface and can be used with stencils or scores along with stains and colors. SunCanvas can be applied to concrete, other overlays, tile, marble, wood, and many other surfaces. This product is often used in bars, restaurants, museums, retail areas, casinos, etc.
  • SunColor and SunGlaze coloring and staining products – SunColor is a water based top coat that gives bare concrete a whole new look. SunGlaze is a translucent stain created using powder pigment with clear coat.

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Finding a decorative contractor in Orlando that is honest, dependable, and good at communicating is essential to a smooth, stress-free project. Sun Surfaces of Orlando is an outstanding company known for exceptional craftsmanship and dedicated customer service. When you choose to work with us, you’ll find that our services fulfill customer expectations from start to finish. From style options to budget concerns, we always listen to how our customers envision their residential concrete project, which is why we see so much repeat business. We provide services to all your decorative Orlando needs. Homeowners would be pleased in doing business with us.

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