Concrete Entryway Orlando, FL: Superb Front Entries

commercial decorative concrete Orlando FL

Entryways are excellent places for innovative concrete products.  Concrete is so durable and easy to clean, and with the great new decorative options for this popular surface material, you’d be amazed at the possibilities for your front entryway.

Quite often, the interior front entry is complimentary of the materials already on the exterior of the home and overlays are just one of the excellent ways to provide continuity.

Building contractors already realize that exterior entryways are hard to protect depending on the timing of the casting of the concrete.  A porch is usually poured early in construction because it is necessary to allow other components to be built around or on it.  Workers often damage the surface even when precautions are taken to cover it during the construction process.

Any surface treatment that is applied toward the end of the construction process leaves a much more attractive situation.  Budgeting for the concrete facelift after heavy construction is completed should be considered a part of the cost of the home.

Choices of Finishes

  • Polished Concrete – Rather than adding to the surface of the concrete, some people choose to grind the surface down some and show the aggregate within the concrete.  This is accomplished by beginning with heavy grit sanding pads and progressively moving to a finer grit.  The surface can be stained or simply sealed after this polishing process. Detraction to this kind of finish is that the surface can be very slick when it gets wet.  This can be countered by mixing clear silica into the finish coat.
  • Overlays – By far, the best finish can be had with a concrete overlay.  There are many varieties of designs for decorative overlays, and it is important to properly prepare the surface prior to placing the overlay to assure that a proper bond is made with the concrete.  Any foreign materials on the surface should be removed by pressure washing or chiseling and a good acid wash makes the surface more receptive to whatever topping product is applied.

Other Entryway Design Ideas for Decorative Concrete Orlando

  • Stamping, stenciling, engraving, coloring and staining are all enhancements to consider for your concrete entryway.
  • Even if the entry is already existent, it can still benefit from a facelift. You’d be amazed what a patterned and colored concrete overlay can do for your front porch.
  • Don’t stop at the porch. The sidewalk leading to the porch is another ideal place to utilize decorative concrete.
  • After the surface is dressed up, consider the addition of built in lighting, columns, pilasters, balustrades, archways, and other architectural elements. Seat walls, fountains, and planters are another decorative addition.

The entrance to any home doesn’t have to be plain and boring. Even very modest changes and decorative elements can welcome visitors with more visual impact and add value to your home.

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