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Efficient & Economical Pool Deck Resurfacing Solutions in Orlando, FL

decorative concrete pool deck overlaysNotice cracks on your concrete pool deck in Orlando? Don’t fret. There are still ways to revive that old slab and make it look new again. How? Through decorative concrete pool deck coatings and overlays, of course. Such applications are designed to cover up damage on the deck and give it a stronger and more appealing surface. We offer top quality concrete resurfacing solutions applicable for both residential and commercial pool decks.

Concrete Pool Deck Repair

Some people think that replacing the whole pool deck is a more reassuring solution to damage. If rebuilt properly, this could be true. However, it requires more time, money, and energy and not everyone has that. Repairing only the areas that need repairs is a more practical option. This is the great thing about concrete. It is so versatile that it can be repaired back to working condition, if not better.

Common Pool Deck Problemsorlando classix texture

  • Cracks – This is probably the most common damage on any concrete surface. On a pool deck, cracks occur more frequently on the area around the corner of a swimming pool and on areas where foot traffic is heavier.
  • Spalling and Scaling – These are common top layer issues caused by water and temperature change. The surface becomes weak and brittle, causing it to scale or spall off.
  • Discoloration and Stains – Pool water often contains many different chemicals to balance the pH of the pool and keep organisms from breeding in it. Splashes of cured water could discolor a concrete deck or leave splash stains.

Decorative Concrete Repair Options

Decorative concrete has taken the world by storm. It is being used on floors, walls, even countertops.

A stamped concrete pool deck overlay is one of the most popular concrete repair options for pool decking. It can cover up unpleasant cracks, holes, and cosmetic blemishes. It can be made to look like pavers, brick, or even tile. The imprinted pattern provides a slip-resistant surface that is comfortable against bare feet.

Another option is a pool deck knockdown finish called Sundek Classic Texture. This is an acrylic coating sprayed onto the slab and then troweled by hand. The result is a stucco-like finish that is safe against slips and falls. One notable feature of spray texture is that the cool decking stays 30% cooler underfoot than other materials. Great option for covering stubborn stains.

Why You Should Hire a Pool Deck Contractor

orlando pool deck stamps

Most homeowners take concrete repair projects into their own hands and apply swimming pool paint to improve the deck. There is nothing wrong with a DIY project but there are things that should be handled by professionals. Pool deck resurfacing is one of them. Besides, a painted deck can peel and fade with all that sun and water exposure. Here are some reasons why hiring a pro is the most rational option:

  • Cost-efficient – Oftentimes, a DIY is seen as a way to save money. But if time and energy are included in the computation, a homeowner might be investing more in a DIY. Plus, pros do it right the first time. They have the necessary tools and equipment needed to complete the project in the shortest time possible.
  • Safety – Pros are highly trained to deal with all the risks or dangers that come with resurfacing surfaces. They have the right gear and they follow a specific process to ensure durability and safety at all times.

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