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Orlando Concrete Patio: Top-Quality Solutions Adding Value Where it Counts

Sun Surfaces Orlando has been the number one provider of decorative concrete patios among local residences and business areas. Since 1970 decorative patios in Orlando have taken their quality form and function through our trusted contractors.

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Here are more reasons why professional patio contractors of Decorative resurfacing Orlando is the one for you:

  • We are A+ BBB rated Decorative Concrete Company
  • Our work involves top quality materials and updated resurfacing skills, only to add property value
  • We are a Sundek Authorized Dealer, and that is why every material we use results in beauty and elegance
  • We specialize in patio resurfacing, bringing the finest aesthetics at every turn
  • Cost-friendly patio resurfacing, fast installation too!

Patio Resurfacing Orlando

An old and damaged concrete patio Orlando FL can now be restored. This is with the help of decorative resurfacing and refinishing solutions. The outdoor living space has become a lot more valuable nowadays because of the tremendous benefits. Not only do people have the luxury to enjoy the outdoors comfortably, but they also get to increase the value of their home with additional functional space.

Decorative concrete patio resurfacing and refinishing is the best solution. This is to bring aesthetics and functionality several notches higher. The fantastic thing about upgrading a patio this way is that it allows maximum customization without breaking the bank.

Resurfacing apatio is a practical, cost-effective choice. The quick and straightforward methods involve the project finishes in no time. Rely on our trusted concrete contractors Orlando to finish in the project’s scheduled time. No more, no less.

Are you exhausted from your old patio? Call (407) 423-3342 today to resurface, refinish, and repair it!

Applications Available for Concrete Patios

Concrete patios have this incredible impact that makes your backyard and front yards look exquisite. You need to know the right decorative concrete design and method to accent the outdoor floors.

You have the following options to stye the patios in your properties. Choose from Stamped, Stained, and Textured concrete.

1. Stamped

Create your classic yet, stylish and sleek outdoor floors with stamped concrete patios. Decorative stamping allows you to create and replicate the design and patterns of natural stones. This also includes wood prints, slate, bricks, and even pavers, which are luxury choices for historic homes in Orlando and close locations.

Stamping concrete uses uncomplicated methods and simple tools. One can imagine doing it on their own, but what more if the experts handle these jobs. The results would be unmatched stamped pattern ideas.

2. Stained

Staining allows you to choose what method would bring out your preferred outcome.

You can have the option to use stained concrete patios or water-based stained concrete.

This is because you may have variations in your properties’ theme. Acid-stained would provide a washed, subtle look. For richer pigments that make a patio feels more earthy and warm, water staining is the one to use.

It is your choice.

So, better call and get in touch with our local expert in patio resurfacing to find out what works best for you.

3. Sundek Classic Texture

The classic texture is the one you also call spray-knockdown texture. Sundek popularized this technique, and now our expert patio concrete contractor Orlando, FL would have tit for you.

The application comes out by spraying an acrylic-epoxy-based coating. Using the spray machine, the coating makes a peak-like layer on the surface, and while it cures, a trowel would knock down the coating creating a distinct texture.

The slabs’ excellent cooling mechanism makes the patio area less warm and fuzzy under high-noon heat.

Things to Consider in Patio Resurfacing and Refinishing

Designs need to be well-planned to avoid regrets and complications. Here are things that need to be considered when repairing or updating an existing patio:

  • While there is a wide range of design ideas available online and in magazines, it’s essential to select one that truly reflects your personal style. The design should be something you can appreciate daily. Modern designs are currently popular due to their up-to-date and straightforward aesthetics. However, traditional options, such as natural stone-stamped overlays, never go out of style.
  • Opt for a decorative option that boasts durability and demands minimal maintenance. Stained or stamped patios in Orlando, FL, can last longer when protected with a concrete sealer. This protective coating shields it from outdoor elements while enhancing its shine and color.
  • Choose a color that remains appealing, timeless, and versatile. Light colors, like a spray knockdown finish, keep the surface cool even after hours of sun exposure, making outdoor spaces more inviting and vibrant. In contrast, darker colors absorb heat and effectively conceal dirt and dust.

Sun Surfaces of Orlando, an A+ BBB Rated decorative company, is dedicated to elevating the beauty and functionality of your surfaces at a comfortable cost. We offer a broad range of options for your Orlando patio, as well as pool decks, driveways, entryways, interior floors, and more. We ensure that both residential and commercial customers are thoroughly satisfied with our work.

For further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at (407) 423-3342. Alternatively, you can also send us an email to delve into the details of our concrete services and associated costs, including patios, resurfacing, and overlays. We have a team of expert Orlando, FL contractors ready to help you bring your dream flooring to life!
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