Commercial Concrete Resurfacing Orlando, FL: Decorative Concrete for Your Business Establishments

Have you ever pulled up under the front canopy at a hotel and felt that you were in a very nice place simply because of the finish on the concrete and what it did for the presentation of the entrance-way to the building?

This is often a subconscious assessment that you don’t realize you are making, but that first impression generally occurs before you enter the building.

Quite often, hotels change management and the clientele notices if the new owners place a great deal of importance on that first unsolicited impression.

Commercial decorative concrete resurfacing solutions make the pavement much more than just a structural product for covering bare ground; it becomes a statement of character and taste. Because concrete is the universal first choice for parking lots and sidewalks, almost any place of business can add to their credibility with a small investment to their establishments.

Why is Resurfacing Concrete a Wise Choice?

There are a number of things that can be done to concrete to make it more appealing, but some of these applications have tremendous limitations when compared to concrete overlay. Some of the reasons to choose a form of concrete overlay include:

  • The number and types of designs are vast enough that anyone can find something to please their personal tastes. Concrete stencils can be used to recreate the same pattern repeatedly as is desired for some store chains, making it a “trademark” of their business.
  • Making specialty designs isn’t a problem as long as the contractor has a template of what is desired. Initials or words can be placed into a design that indicates the name of the business franchise; even a business logo can be incorporated into the design.
  • Concrete overlays can mimic the look of almost any material. Wood is not a product that you would want to use on the sidewalk, but it might be just the look that an owner wants for his business. Decorative concrete resurfacing is the way to achieve that end while offering more durability and better maintenance options than wood.
  • Acrylic concrete coating, like Sundek Classic Texture, is ideal for pool deck resurfacing projects. It creates a non-skid texture that keeps guests safe from slips and falls. It also stays 30% cooler than other types of pool decking materials. This way, guests won’t have to worry about walking barefoot on a pool deck that’s been baking under the sun for hours.

More and more high profile businesses are using patio resurfacing solutions, like stamped concrete, to draw attention and provide an inviting entryway to their businesses and shops. The arrival experience is also enhanced with driveway resurfacing overlays. Many business areas are becoming focal points and “brand builders” for businesses such as restaurants, health clubs, apartment complexes, hotels, retail shops, and many others.

Call (407)-423-3342 now for a decorative concrete resurfacing and installation! We also offer concrete repair, stamped concrete, stained, etc.

Why stay with plain and dull concrete when a stamped concrete entryway can help a business build its brand? Make the first impression the best it can be for any commercial area by way of decorative concrete resurfacing. Let a stamped concrete contractor in Orlando help you. Sun Surfaces of Orlando has been in the industry for over three decades. Reach them by phone or email and one of the friendly staff would gladly provide you with more info and a free quote in the Olrando FL area.

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