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Acid Staining Installation Process

If you are looking to have your residential or commercial space stained, it is high time to understand how the staining process happens.

Step 1: Surface Preparation.

It is essential to look into the primary and initial qualities of the floor to be stained. All residues must be removed from the surface, as these may turn out visible through the newly applied stain. The concrete can be cleaned by scrubbing or grinding the surface and neutralizing it to enhance the stain penetration. This step is important because it intensely impacts the final result of the project.

Step 2: Stain Application

Before continuing to the staining process, the area must be masked off to protect door frames, knobs, walls, and the like. The stains are achieved by pouring the solution into a pump sprayer then spraying the surface once or more to accomplish the desired coat. The newly applied stain will be left to dry. You can spray again after the initial application for color intensity.

Step 3: Protective Coat

Stained surfaces can fade over time, that’s why it is imperative to apply a protective layer. A clear sealer is applied to the top coat, strengthening the stain’s resistance to wear off. However, it is advisable to reseal the surface once every two years; depending on how much traffic your floor endures.


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