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Stained Concrete Orlando, FL: Acid Stain

Something many people don’t realize about concrete is that it is very porous.  Even so, when paint is applied to the surface, it does not penetrate very well.
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Concrete stain, on the other hand, is a popular product that works great with the porous characteristics of concrete to produce a wide variety of decorative finishes.  Acid stain has been used for many years because of its outstanding penetrating abilities on concrete surfaces.

Long-Lasting, Cost-Efficient Concrete Stain

There are some concrete paints that produce an acceptable finish in low traffic areas, but the paint tends to wear off eventually, and the surface begins to show through. The etching ability of the acid stain works much better with concrete than paint, and it is also permanent so that it won’t peel or chip away over time.

Extremely smooth finished concrete presents the worst condition for concrete paint because it can’t get a good grip on the surface. It is much better to use acid stain on smooth surfaces. If you are painting coarse aggregate concrete, such as stepping stones or pavers, you may be successful if you prepare the material well before you paint. Even so, paint tends to chip and peel over time, mainly if applied in a high traffic area.

The acid stain application is a different process than painting with a roller. The concrete staining does not show the results you may be expecting when it is first applied because the stain deepens as it sits on the surface of the concrete. It is important to realize this to achieve the desired depth of color. Also, although more coats of stain can be applied to the surface, the concrete will absorb the majority of the stain with the first pass.

The Preparation Process And Other Considerations

Surface preparation is another very important step that can make the difference in a quality job or a poor one. If you have an old concrete floor that you want to stain, you might want to ask the advice of a professional installer or contractor prior to using acid stain to determine if the concrete will accept the stain sufficiently. There are pros and cons that must be considered. You can also choose ways to have your interior flooring designed with the help of our color chart.

Using an acid stain is a great way to revitalize old concrete and give an area a new decorative look. Another appealing feature of acid stain is its affordability. You can revive an old surface without spending a lot of money. The result is larger than how much you spend on the overlay.

It’s no wonder that staining concrete is so popular. It is an economical way to take plain old concrete and transform it into an appealing decorative surface. It can be used on top of an existing stamped concrete and other surfaces. Many different looks can be achieved with an acid stain, and it can be used on pool decks, walkways, patios, walls, floors, and more.

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