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Concrete anywhere! It is the first thing that welcomes you as you step into a room. When you go out, it is the sturdy slab that accompanies you anywhere you go. It is everywhere. That is why Decorative Concrete Orlando ensures that residential and commercial spaces meet the solution suitable for their every need.

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Commercial Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Resurfacing commercial concrete adds a profitable element for businesses. What contractors recommend more than repair or installation are resurfacing techniques with patterns created by stamping and overlays. There are unlimited options for improving your business spaces. You can choose stamped concrete for outdoors, overlays, or advance quick-install coatings. Match your business identity with the design you can customize too.

Residential Decorative Concrete Resurfacing
Concrete resurfacing makes residential floors polished, easy to maintain, and beautiful. The strength of the floors lasts longer than your traditional floorings. Apply this instead of repairing or installing any other flooring material. Resurfacing is better for restoring old slabs, even the new ones, when damaged.
Concrete Staining
Tradition meets modernity with staining techniques applied on concrete floors. This system is best known for creating a replica of marble floors. Aside from the stunning color patterns, it also brings lasting quality that withstands any weather. Staining is adaptive and can be used according to your creative freedom. Have a color control over the dyes and stain you’ll apply. It can be with acid-stain or water-based staining.
1 Day Garage Floors Installation
For garage floors, we offer you the “1-Day Garage Floor” installation. This flooring technique is finished using a mixture based on polyaspartic products. Thus having its product name “polyurea polyaspartic” flooring. You’ll know more about the 1-Day Garage Floor if you get in touch with our contractors today.
Stamped Concrete Overlays

The stamped concrete overlay is a resurfacing technique using stamps and an overlay of concrete over an existing cement. Decorative surfaces are brought to you by patterns and design achieved through stamping. Now, concrete stamping is the new concrete you can install on your outdoor floors. Directly stamp the newly poured concrete to complete the design or pattern you like.

Concrete overlays are beautiful, and they result in seamless outdoor floors. They have 100% concrete strength so it can withstand weathering of any form.

Concrete Driveways
Enhance concrete driveways through resurfacing. Driveways can be easily maintained when refinished or resurfaced with concrete. Concrete coatings protect the surfaces that need extra sturdiness. Especially for driveways that interact with vehicles and extreme exposure to outdoor elements. It’ll make driveways easily maintained and undamaged for a long time. A clean and polished driveway.
Concrete Patios
Concrete patio designs can enhance the look of your home’s exteriors. It also creates high-resistance form damages. Make your patio free form scratches, abrasions, and sustain its polished look using low-cost maintenance.
Concrete Pool Decks
Achieve a lasting quality for the pool deck that prevents cracks, spalling, dents, and hamper accidents. A concrete pool deck makes a skid-resistant surface for excellent pool experience. Apply a cool deck, which makes the decks resistant to heat. It is what makes the concrete in the pool cold to the touch throughout a sunny day. This is the suitable pool deck system, especially for the cities in the Sunshine State.
Front Entries
Anywhere you are in the city, whether you have a residential or commercial property, the front entries will provide a stunning appeal. Turn heads as visitors pass by your property add value to your homes or business spaces with outdoor concrete that is easy to maintain and saves you from expensive repairs and other requirements.
Serving Orlando, Florida, and all surrounding areas with residential and commercial Orlando concrete services.

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