Preparing the Pool Deck for Swimming Season

The pool deck is something that homeowners need to attend to more often since it gets used a lot during swimming season. The deck plays a huge role in making the pool area an enjoyable place to be in. It doesn’t even have to be made of expensive material. A concrete pool deck, in fact, can acquire impressive form and function at a minimal investment. However, just like any other material, it needs the proper care and maintenance to keep it in good, working condition. Before swimming season comes around, make sure that the deck is prepped and ready.

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  • Clean the Surface

No one would ever want to walk on a dirty pool deck with shoes one, much less with bare feet. Since the pool deck is located outdoors, there is so much that could find its way on its surface. Fallen trees, some pieces of trash that might have been blown by the wind, mud, and even mold and mildew that have sprouted after moisture has failed to dry up on the deck.

  • Hire a Contractor for a Professional Assessment

It is not enough to scan the deck and conclude that everything is okay. Hire a pro to assess the entire pool deck. There are crucial things that might have slipped your vision, like a sunken area or a crack that may indicate a more serious issue. Make sure that the person you hire is a professional concrete contractor who specializes in pool decks. This way, he would be able to give good advice and recommendations.

  • Apply Necessary Pool Deck Repairs

It is such a good thing that concrete is a very versatile material. You don’t have to change it up every time you encounter issues. Whether it is a crack, pothole, or stain, there is an appropriate solution for it. If the contractor encountered damage on the pool deck, make sure to have it repaired immediately. Some of the most popular repair options are filling cracks. This is great if there are just a few cracks in the deck. If you are looking at small, hairline cracks that seem to cover a majority of the space, resurfacing the pool deck with a stamped overlay or spray knockdown finish are highly recommended.

  • Seal the Surface

Concrete is a very porous material, which is why it stains so easily. After all repairs have been done, make sure to consult the contractor to find out what type of sealers would work best for the pool deck. You would want something that could withstand water and effectively keep it from penetrating the slab. Also, remember that sealers last a couple of years or so only so best to make a note to have the deck resealed every couple of years or when needed.

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