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Tips on Preparing the Pool Deck for a Pool Party

pool rulesPool parties are great ways to bond with family and friends. It is important to plan a party very well to make sure that it would be a successful and memorable one. The internet serves a wide selection of themes, food recipes, and even cool game ideas you could integrate in your party. While those are important aspects, let’s talk about the backbone first and make sure that the venue is prepared for all the partying that’s about to happen. Not only will this guarantee success, it would make cleanup easier for you.

  • Put Safety First

Safety is the topmost priority when planning a party, especially if your guests are mostly kids. They should be able to enjoy the pool area safely but without restrictions. For the pool deck, make sure that it is slip-resistant especially when splashes of water starts to dominate the surface. Resurfacing it with a spray knockdown texture or stamped overlay requires minimal money and installation time. Expect a non-skid deck right before your party is set to happen.

Make sure that you have swim rings, life vests, and inflatable arm bands ready for use. Brief the kids about pool rules and make them wear safety gear before letting them swim. If you could afford one, hire a lifeguard. If you can’t, have an adult act as lifeguard for the day, making sure that he or she knows proper first-aid and rescue.

  • Make Cleanup Easier

Pools sanitizers are known for keeping the pool clean during use. Despite this, swimmers are told to shower before getting into the water. If you don’t have an outdoor showers, hang a hose that could act as one. Showering before swimming not only helps regulate the body’s temperature gradually before getting exposed to lower temperatures, it also spares the sanitizer the extra work it needs to do to keep the pool clean.

Put trash bins in strategic places on the pool deck. Choose large ones to make sure that kids do not miss it in case they decide to just throw their empty paper cup from a few feet away. This will also keep the bin from overflowing with unsightly trash. It keeps the venue clean and makes after-party cleanup a lot easier for you.

  • Choose Decor and Toys Wisely

If you must decorate, choose those that are made for outdoor use. Keep it simple and fun, you don’t want elaborate decorations distracting the lifeguard from being able to keep an eye on everyone in the pool. Create a spot on the deck where you can put swim rings, noodles, beach balls, and other pool toys.

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