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Pool Decking Options: Coatings & Overlays

pool deck resurfacing ideas Orlando FL

Boring pool decks are definitely not something anyone would want to have right in their own backyards. Nothing frames a swimming pool better than a carefully planned pool deck that looks and works with utmost perfection. How to achieve this? Well, pool deck resurfacing Orlando services are now trending in the home improvement industry. The great thing about resurfacing is that there is no need to deal with the hassles of installing a whole new concrete slab just to make the pool decks better. With a resurfacing service, one can easily have the top layer reinvented with a more beautiful and functional surface that is both durable and long-lasting.

Pool Deck Coating & Overlay

A coating or overlay is a versatile way of putting pool deck ideas to reality without breaking the bank. It helps enhance aesthetics without compromising durability and slip-resistance, which are very important traits of a pool deck. Here are the topmost options in resurfacing a concrete pool deck:


      • Stamped Concrete Overlay – This is a popular concrete pool deck overlay option because the top layer can be stamped with patterns or designs, depending on what the customer desires. A stamped concrete pool deck can be made to resemble flagstone, travertine, brick, concrete pavers, and other pool deck flooring materials. This is less expensive, durable, but just as stunning. Stains can also be added to make it more realistic or to add a colorful character to it, whether to match the exterior style of a house or not.

      • Acrylic Spray Texture System – This resurfacing product is ideal for pool decks like in La Nona, FL because of its light color. It is a known fact that lighter colored decks reflect heat rather than absorb it, thus, making the surface a lot cooler for bare feet compared to other concrete surfaces. After this is sprayed and troweled on the surface, it creates a textured concrete pool deck that is slip-resistant, safe and visually appealing.

      • Colored Concrete – If you have an existing concrete pool deck, adding color to it could help enhance its look significantly. There are many ways to color concrete: stains, dyes, or dry shake hardeners. It is important, however, to apply a sealer to keep the color from fading especially since it is often exposed to sunlight and water. If you have colored concrete pool deck plans, it is highly recommended to add some sort of fine aggregate in the sealer to make the surface slip-resistant.

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