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Pool Decking 101: The Essential Guide

Your pool deck is an integral part of the pool area. It adds usable space, covers bare dirt, frames and provides a path around the pool. It’s also where you put up lounge chairs so you can sunbathe all day (Probably not a good idea, by the way). The best thing about pool decks? You can design it to express your flair for style and creativity. As much as it is stylish it should be made for functionality as well. In this article we discuss everything you need to know about pool decking:

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Is Pool Coping Different From the Pool Deck?

Yes, indeed it is. The pool coping is actually the cap around the pool edge. It is the space between the deck and the actual pool that is made from either natural stone or concrete. Pool coping is usually about 12 inches in width. Usually, the material of the coping differs from the material of the deck. However, modern pool designs incorporate a seamless look from deck to coping.

The Different Materials for Pool Decking

A variety of materials are available for building a pool deck. Choosing the right material is essential to maximize the aesthetics and functionality of it. Here are the common pool decking materials that you can choose from:

  • Concrete – If you’re imagining plain gray slabs of cement, you’ll have to stop right there. Concrete has become so versatile. A variety of patterns, colors, and textures are now available for concrete pool decking.
  • Pavers – Paving bricks are a time-tested material that has been around for a long time. These are installed in an interlocking pattern atop a base. These provide texture for traction keeping the deck skid-free.
  • Wood/Composite – There are different wood varieties available depending on your preference and budget. These provide a beautiful natural look for your pool area. Because wood isn’t as durable as other materials, seasonal maintenance is a must.
  • Natural Stone – This material complements the natural elements of the outdoors. It’s great for enhancing the poolscape. It is quite expensive, especially when considering accessibility depending on your region.

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Services for Your Pool Deck

  • Cool Decking – This is a concrete overlay that improves traction and the heat regulation of your deck for scorching summers.
  • Repair – For pool deck cracks, leaks, and other problems. Repairs are necessary to spruce up any damages.
  • Resurfacing – This service gives a concrete pool deck a brand new look and corrects superficial flaws.
  • Refinishing – Refinishing renews or customizes the pool deck finish. It can be done to enhance the look or increase traction.

If your pool deck requires construction, remodeling or other services make sure to contact a licensed contractor. Get to know more about concrete pool decks in Orlando by visiting our homepage. For related articles, read through our blog.

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