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Answering Your Pool Deck Coating Cost: The 411

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You may only be waiting for the summer so that you can finally use the swimming pool on your property. That is an excellent tactic if you want to keep minimal maintenance with the decks around. Using it on rare occasions is a real stealer when you do not want to repair the pool deck coatings

But isn’t it more fun if you could maximize the pools even on ordinary days? Especially if you need a dip in therapeutic water that flows just by your home?

That’s right. You now feel the need to do so. Why not have a pool deck coating repair and resurfacing to satisfy your hunger. This is to get your innermost concern answered, such as what a pool deck coating would cost? How much will it be? And will there be other fees to include? 

Dive into today’s discussion! This is your pool decks coating 411.


The first step is for you to sort out what affects the cost. You’ll pin down what is the final cost in numbers when you identify other contributing factors. What are these?

Labor cost: You may choose to DIY coating the pool’s decks or hire a professional contractor to do the job. 

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Do not yet fall for DIY’s lower cost. A contractor may ask for professional fees but compare that to multiple adjustments you need to make to achieve what you like.

Design cost: you need to decide if a simple design is what you want or something intricate. The design would now also affect who you will choose to work on the pool’s coating. 

Material choice: Materials costing takes a big pie of your project’s budget. For pool deck coatings, here are your popular options:

  • Pool deck paint
  • Epoxy coating
  • Cool decking
  • Spray-Acrylic coating

The Average Cost

The national average cost of pool deck installation ranges from $6 to $10 per square foot.

Look again from the list of materials above. The cheapest will be pool deck paint at an average of $ 1 to $ 2 per square foot. 

Another cost-efficient option is the textured spray coating. The knockdown finish comes under this category. You will only need to prepare $0.80 to $1.60 for this material. However, you will also need to consider the skill and expertise required for using the textured spray coating.

The acrylic coating is also a variety of knockdown or textured coating. Acrylic is a compound that does not absorb much heat. However, the ordinary layer will level up with a heat-resistant surface with acrylic added to the coating mix. 

The other term for this type of heat repelling coating is a cool deck. The pool deck is, so far, the best option. But now the question is how much does it cost.?

The pool deck has an average cost of $3 to $25. The wide range of differences depends on what type of pool decking is involved. 

Other Factors

The above computes a reference for an average cost of materials alone. There are other factors that you will need to add later on. You can now call a team of professional contractors to talk about an estimated project quote that applies to you. 

So, now do not be surprised if the estimate is not exactly how you read in this post. Of course, other factors added to it. What are those?

  • Other materials like preparation materials, cleaning, and construction and safety materials.
  • Sub fees. There will often be subcontractors’ fees. If you got an expert contractor, these fees would automatically be put into their overall labor fee. So be sure to talk out your contractor on his standard fees and their scope.
Pool deck spray knockdown texture
  • Contingencies. It is also wise to set aside contingency fees. This is to be ready for any unexpected situations that may happen. But most often, contingencies for rework can be avoided if you hire a trusted contractor or team of experts that can do your pool decking such as in La Nona, FL and nearby areas.
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