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What is Polyurea Polyaspartic?

Polyurea garage floor and stairs

These two products are, according to research, completely different; although the “poly” in both names derives from the ancient Creek name meaning “many”. Generally the words, when used together, are the other way round – Polyaspartic Polyurea. Garage Floors Orlando as well as other flooring companies used both of these resins for overlays, stamping, staining and other treatments of concrete. Polyurea has, as a resin, been available for many years; however, polyaspartic is a relative new comer in the treatment or enhancement of concrete. Discovered in the mid 1990’s, polyaspartic, mixed with its older cousin, adds strength and durability to concrete. As mentioned Garage Floor Orlando, no doubt uses this combination for concreting jobs when the client or customer has requested staining, stamping or some other contemporary fashioning of a driveway, bathroom, kitchen or garage. Polyurea Polyaspartic Orlando or Polyaspartic Polyurea has gained in popularity, in the construction industry, over the years and it will more than likely continue to evolve as a state-of-the-art cement resin enhancement. The average Joe has no idea what is involved in creating a fantastic looking concrete pool area, a smart easy-to-walk-on kitchen floor or a shiny concrete garage floor, he or she just reaps the benefit of the professional work done. It is quite possible Garage Flooring Orlando guarantees work completed will surprise and amaze. Much of the advances in the concrete industry are due to the, 1990’s invention of Polyaspartic and the firmly established resin Polyurea. Now we have defined what both these products are, the next time you visit Polyurea Polyaspartic Orlando or Garage Floors Orlando, you’ll know exactly what is mixed in the concrete sold.

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