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Picking The Best Epoxy Coating Color for Your Garage

Choosing epoxy coating for old garage floors is a no-brainer. It is durable, resistant to most damage, and highly economical compared to a concrete floor replacement and other types of floor coatings. However, choosing what garage epoxy colors to go for is a challenge. Epoxy comes in a variety of colors. While it may seem like such a small detail, it can greatly affect the aesthetics of the floor and the garage as a whole. It can affect the amount of cleaning and maintenance the owner has to deal with. So, when choosing garage floor epoxy colors, take note of the following tips:

Choose According to Usage

What exactly is your garage used for? If you use it only for the car, choose a color that can mask tire marks and grease, such as slate or black. If you do woodwork in the garage, opt for garage epoxy colors that somehow is close to the color of sawdust. This disguises the dust and lessens the messy look of the garage floor while working. If you live near the beach or any place where sand and light-colored soil is present, a lighter shade, such as wheat or bone, can help disguise any footprint or tire mark.

well lighted garagePick a Color Based on Lighting

Is your garage well-lit? Then any color would look good on it. If there is too much natural light coming into the garage, try to avoid metallic concrete sealers. This will reflect the light and make the garage blinding bright. For poorly lit and small garages, choose a light color for the floor. It can make space look brighter and bigger than it really is. A brightly colored floor will also eliminate the need for more bulbs or light sources in the garage.

garage-flooring-OrlandoChoose Based on Your Ability to Maintain It

Dirt can easily be seen on white and other light garage epoxy colors. This means light-colored garage flooring is often high-maintenance. If you have the time and initiative to clean white floors then, by all means, choose that color. However, if you are busy and unwilling to exert effort in cleaning the garage floors often, choose a darker color.

Pick a Color that Matches Your Home

If you want the garage floor to look connected to the rest of the house, then choose a color that either matches or complements your home. A professional contractor can help you with choosing the right one. Opt to check some color swatches to find the exact color that best suits your style.

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