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Concrete Patio Trends: Fire Pit and Seating Wall for Style and Function

If you’re planning on putting up a patio or updating an already existing one, here’s a trend that will suit it perfectly. Having a fire pit and surrounding it with a seating wall is a chic and functional way to upgrade your patio. Here are the reasons why it’s a must-have trend that will turn your patio into an inviting outdoor entertaining space.

concrete patio trends

Adds Warmth and Comfort to Cold Breezy Nights

Forget about staying in when after the sun sets when you can go out and cozy up. Nothing can be quite as comforting as huddling around the fire pit at night. It will make you turn to your patio to ease your senses and seek refuge from life’s stressful moments. The fire’s flickering blaze lights up the night as well as provides warmth. Fancy landscape lighting can’t compare to the natural glowing light radiating from a pyre.

A Great Place to Entertain Guests

The crackling blaze of a hearth is a crowd-pleaser for outdoor gatherings. Fire pits are naturally inviting and is a great source for entertainment. Who won’t want to join in on a gathering around dancing flame? Sharing stories while munching on s’mores or having some drinks is a great way to spend the night around a fire pit. Intimate or large gatherings can benefit from the wall seating around it.

Encourages Family Bonding

A fire pit with wall seating is an ideal place to start a family weeknight tradition. Bring out the mallows, chocolate and graham crackers during summer nights or enjoy a sip of eggnog and hot cocoa around the holidays. Everyone in the family will surely enjoy spending the nights at the patio. If you’re living with a significant other, why spend on a date someplace else when you can enjoy a staycation? Pop open a bottle of wine and cuddle by the flickering light of the fire for an intimate night.

Adds Modest Luxury to the Patio

The practical functions of a firepit and wall seating make a great addition to the patio. Paired with the right design choices, it can be a beautiful focal point the raises the aesthetics of the area. Forget about the plastic or acrylic chairs, embrace the beauty of the outdoors with concrete seating. Pair it with a stamped pattern to make it visually stunning. Seating walls tie everything together and make the look of any outdoor space flow better.

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