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Patio Resurfacing: Top Overlays & Coatings

patio resurfacing contractor orlandoIn the past, concrete patios used to be completely removed and then re-poured when it starts showing signs of damage and imperfections. Time has surely changed. Now, concrete slabs can be repaired and resurfaced to make a concrete patio look good and function better. Thanks to the advances in concrete patio Orlando services, decorative concrete resurfacing is becoming one of the most affordable home improvement solutions in both residential and commercial settings.

How is Resurfacing Concrete Done?

The patio resurfacing Orlando process is done on existing concrete floors that are still in a sound condition. This would be a surface with minor cracks, small pits, or discoloration. Although it is quite unpleasant to look at, it is still strong enough to function. For this reason, a coating or overlay is applied on top of it and then customized to acquire a more aesthetically-appealing look. There is a wide range of concrete patio designs available when it comes to resurfacing.

Ideal Concrete Patio Orlando Overlays and Coatings

There are various coatings and overlays that can help save hard-earned money, conserve resources, as well as reduce the need for disposing old concrete. Here are some concrete patio ideas on which coating or overlay to use:

  • Concrete Overlays – This is a concrete-based overlay ideal for use on outdoor floors like patios. This is often used for stamped concrete patio projects. Stamped concrete patios are highly popular because it can replicate almost any type of expensive flooring materials at a lower concrete patio cost.
  • Concrete Stains – This is a great choice for those who want to incorporate colors into their patios to match their home’s’ exterior. Stamped concrete patio Orlando projects also make use of concrete stains especially if the pattern chosen is that of natural stone.
  • Acrylic Spray Texture Coating – This acrylic coating is durable for use outdoors. Aside from being a good choice for patios, it is also highly preferred for pool decks because it has the ability to stay a lot cooler underfoot as compared to other flooring materials.
  • Polyurea Polyaspartic – Originally designed for use on industrial floors, this made its way into residential properties due to the demand for quick-dry resurfacing solutions. It is highly durable as it is resistant to stains, impact, abrasion, and more. Although more often used on garages and basements, it can also be used on patios that endure heavy foot traffic.
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