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Patio Perfect: Top Stamped Concrete Patterns

A patio is a great place to hang out and gather with family and friends. The demand for such a valuable space increased which is why more and more decorative options are available for this outdoor living space. While a concrete patio is a practical choice, it is not the most appealing. Fortunately, stamped patio resurfacing can turn it from a drab spot to a dazzling space. Here are the top stamped concrete patio patterns:

  • Fractured Slatepatio concrete stamps orlando

Slate is a metamorphic rock that, when cut, breaks into flat and smooth textures. This is what makes it an ideal paving material. This type of stone can be replicated realistically with concrete stamping. It can be done seamlessly on a patio or with cuts and joints, giving an impression of slate pavers.

  • Flagstonecolored concrete stamps orlando

Similar to slate, flagstone also breaks to flat layers, making it an ideal paving stone. This is a popular pattern for concrete patios, pool decks, and even driveways. The pattern can be done throughout the surface or as an accent border.

  • Brickstamped overlays pattern orlando

Probably the most classic type of pattern, brick is still quite popular nowadays. The great thing about brick is that it can be arranged in several patterns. All patterns can be mimicked by a stamped overlay perfectly. A herringbone, for example, features bricks arranged to imitate the pattern of a fish bone. Running bond pattern is the most common brick pattern where brick alignment alternates for every row. The European Fan is also a brick pattern that features arches of bricks. Think of this as bricks laid out in a rainbow pattern.

  • Cobblestonestamped overlays orlando

Since olden times, cobblestone is a sign of craftsmanship and resourceful engineering. This pattern can be done on a stamped overlay in similar colors, too, with a good layer of concrete stain. This pattern can also be used as an accent on fire pits and other features on a patio.

  • Woodgardens decor wood patio

Before concrete became a popular material for patios, wood was in the lead. However, it was vulnerable to bug infestations, rotting, and is quite expensive, too. Stamped concrete gave homeowners the opportunity to have a wooden patio with the use of concrete. Any wood type can be imitated. A skilled artisan can even hand-stain it to acquire the variation of colors on wooden slats and boards. The great thing about a wooden stamped concrete pattern is that it does not require the same arduous upkeep as real wood does.

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