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The Perfect Garage Floor for a Minimalist Garage Design

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There is beauty in simplicity, and you can adapt that principle to design your garage flooring Conway FL. Why not upgrade the garage with a minimalist flooring design? You might get tired thinking of how you can upgrade a messy space such as the garage only to leave it soaked in grimes and grease.

When all you see are dark stains and dark marks, it would not be easy to see a clear and appealing flooring space. Expert garage floor contractors would recommend owners not to sweat in making the floors in the garage in perfect shape.

If you are new to minimalism, today’s post is perfect for knowing this design trend.

What Does It Mean To Be A Minimalist?

Minimalism is a design and architecture movement that started in the 1960s. It adopts a design principle that emphasizes bold, geometric spaces with squares and rectangles.

Translate that to your home interiors, and you got the floor as the base for this principle. To be a minimalist, you need to embrace space. It departs from the conventional modern practical approach to fill a room with clutter. That leads us to the first principle when you want to pursue a minimalist path for your garage.

Get Rid of Clutter

The first thing to consider is to get rid of clutter.

There is no other place to see a reasonable amount of clutter than in the garages. This part of the home often would function as a storage area.

clutter in the garage

Apart from it being a place to work with car engines and oils, it also became a haven for old things stored up and piled for many years to come.

So, when you take the car out for a drive, you will notice that the garage floors seem messy even after removing the tools and materials you used for repairing the vehicle.

You got left with the clutter. Metallic implements were scattered everywhere, and a spill from engine oil cans marks the corners of the garage floors.

Before you take the flooring space into a makeover, better put the unnecessary clutter away.

Clean and Resurface the Floor

After you sort out the dirt, enough flooring space will get revealed. You must notice if there are growing cracks or holes in the surface.

Seeing the flooring spaces clearly would help you plan for concrete resurfacing on the floors. Possible flaws or weblike creases on the flooring surface need patching or quick resealing.

clean concrete floor

After that, you resurface the floors and apply necessary repairs. You will get polished, seamless steps once again. An epoxy sealer is a great easy to make the floors sleek and clean.

Epoxy would not need too many decorative accents. A polished-looking floor is perfect to use for a minimalist garage design.

Add New Lighting

To be minimalist, you need to maximize the potential of featuring a clear space. Adding new lighting fixtures is an effective technique to add drama to the room by using minimal design.


garage light

Warm-white light bulbs can create warmth and creative sense to a space, and it is perfect for a garage filled with metallic objects. When creating a minimalist design, lighting lets you play with brightness and shadow, your main decorative elements.

Go Vertical

Maximizing vertical space is an effective way to build imagery of bright and soothing rooms. It may seem impossible for chaotic garage areas.

But what you need to do is build up DIY shelves that go from the base of the floor up to the tip of the ceiling.

gray garage shelves

Vertical storages are fantastic solutions to fit inside a small room multiple items without having them cluttered around.

Hire a Professional

And at last, if you are serious about going deep with minimalist trends, it is better to hire and work with professionals.

Contractors, designers, and builders work together to develop results that satisfy a client’s needs.

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