4 Tips in Matching Concrete Pool Deck Colors to the House

Whether you are looking to stain a newly installed concrete pool deck or revamping an old one, it is important to plan the colors carefully. It must go well with the rest of the house exterior. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to choose the exact same color. Choosing a color that complements the exterior house pool deck paint colors will make the pool deck look more connected. Here are some tips to help you match the pool deck colors to the rest of the house.

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  • Choose from the Color Palette of the House

If you had your house painted by a pro, you can ask them for the color palette used on your house. This is the easiest way to find a color that will make the house and the pool deck paint colors look good together. The palette will feature several colors and any of those, or something close to it, will be a good option.

  • Choose a Shade of the Same Color

Say, you have a house with dark blue paint. Choose a concrete stain color that is lighter than the blue on your house. Never go darker if the house paint is already dark. As much as possible, you would want the pool deck paint colors to be light so that it won’t absorb heat when exposed to sunlight, making the deck too hot for barefoot walking.

  • Go Neutral

If you can’t find a good complementing color or if lighter shades of the same color do not appeal to you, then neutral is the best choice. You can choose white, beige, gray, and other neutral choices to make the pool deck colors look stunning without looking disconnected.

  • Incorporate Natural Patterns

Hire a skilled artisan to stain your pool deck using multiple colors to replicate the look of natural stone like flagstone, travertine, slate, and more. You can also have them stain it to look like natural wood if you want.

Whatever pool deck colors you choose, make sure that it makes you happy. There is no sense in choosing a color that complements the house if it is not something that makes you smile when you walk out the backyard. Just make sure to seal the concrete stain after the coloring process is complete. This way, the sealer will help make the color richer and it will protect it from getting damaged by the harsh heat of the sun and the splashes of water from the pool

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