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driveway resurfacing orlando flIf you’re dying to put your home on the market or can’t wait to settle in for ten more years, curb appeal is something everyone could use a little more of. One thing that’s usually overlooked in the search for curb appeal but can actually make a significant difference once taken care of, is your driveway. In a lot of cases, this is the first thing that you visitors will see! Reworking and revamping your driveway to complement the exterior elegance of your home will add a gorgeous visual impact to your property. Whether you have a house made up of bricks, stucco or stone, we can create a driveway that’s amazingly astonishing and breath-taking.

For a more basic look, a decorative concrete border can definitely enhance your parkway drive. To achieve this effect, we simply use a stamp or stencil design of your choice to follow the outline of your entire drive or each of the slabs that form the drive. Brick, stone or a combination of both patterns can also be stamped on the concrete. With a vast selection of coatings and stain colors that you can find in our catalogue, you will never have to worry about your driveways complementing your home. We promise to effectively and efficiently match your home’s exterior as closely as possible and we can also go as far as resurfacing your sidewalks and walkways that would undeniably add to the over-all appeal of your driveway.

For a bolder look, a top-to-bottom stamp or stencil can make an ever-stunning statement. You can go for this if you want to add a fantastic contrast to stucco and wood-panelled homes. Oppositely, it can also add a nice visual flow to a home with a pre-existing stone walkway and facades. If your front yard is entirely dominated by the driveway, a stone stamped concrete driveway will turn what was once an eye sore into a natural landscape extension. Large front yards may be rarer than they once were but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the most of what you have. Think about your slab as a blank canvas where art and beauty can be created on.

Aside from looking more attractive than plain concrete driveways, resurfaced driveways age well. If your current driveway is already cracked or stained then it’s the perfect time for you to resurface with style. Bare minimum crack repair leaves ugly veins behind and full resurfacing minimizes imperfections. Using a concrete coating to top it all off will add an unrivaled beauty and protection to your property!

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