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Garage Floor Winter Springs FL Systems: Epoxy and Polyurea Polyaspartic

garage floor systems Winter Springs,FL

Sun Surfaces of Orlando provides you with the garage floor system that you’ve always wanted in Winter Springs. You can have a garage surface that’s easy to clean and maintain without seeing stains and tire marks. All you have to do is protect the surface with one of the coating options that we have to offer.

Whether you’ve got poured concrete, cinderblock, or some other form of concrete, we can treat it in such a way that it is smooth, easy to clean and won’t show any marks. You can choose a solid color or we can add in quartz or vinyl flecks – and then top it off with a clear coat.

The epoxy coating is durable and allows you to get the easy to clean floor. Polyurea polyaspartic is an industrial version that can be applied during extreme heat conditions and be cured in a day. If you don’t want to park outside while it cures, this is the version you’ll want to choose.

Winter Springs, FL is a growing community. You’re seated relatively close to Orlando and there are plenty of things to do outside. When the heat gets to be too much, you may want to retreat to your home – even if it just means working in the shade of your garage.

Don’t let your garage floor stop you from doing the things you want. Stains can be a thing of the past with our sealant. Call today at (407)-423-3342 to get a free estimate.

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