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Increase Your Outdoor Entertaining Space With Sundek Classic Texture

Sun Surfaces of Orlando has been taking care of the acrylic cement coating that many homes and businesses need. Taking care of cement surfaces can be difficult these days, and we are proud to announce that the Sundek Classic Texture is ideal for an entryway or pool deck. Associates on our team can get the work done right so that our customers can enjoy their yards, pools, and other outdoor areas.

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The surface of a patio or driveway can show signs of wear after a few years. We have seen a number of beautiful spaces that are in great need to be resurfaced. There are many reasons why we use Sundek to address the problem. First, this texture is inexpensive for our customers and easy to apply. Not only that, but it can repel oil and other substances from infiltrating the concrete. While some surfaces are slippery, a Sundek surface is specifically designed to prevent slips from occurring.

There are times that a pool deck or driveway needs a new sealant or needs to be resurfaced. Our associates have received training to get these types of jobs done quickly. We have specific tools and resources that can take care of any blemishes, such as cracks, chips, or flakes. If a particular color or design has begun to fade, we can recolor the area so that it looks fantastic once again.

Winter Springs, FL residents, and businesses are invited to call us. Receive a free estimate on our acrylic cement coating services by calling (407) 423-3342. Further information on our work is available here in our website. Our courteous receptionists and operators are standing by to be of assistance. When in need, contact us!

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