Treat Your Flooring Cracks & Chips With Sundek’s Acrylic Cement Coating

Pool Deck ContractorsSun Surfaces of Orlando provides the acrylic cement coating that homes in and around Winter Park, FL need. A driveway, entryway, and patio all need a surface that is durable and looks terrific. We provide this with the Sundek Classic Texture. There can be instances where a surface needs to be repaired. Cracks to a cement surface can be irritating and inconvenient.

Not only that, but chips and flakes on cement can be embarrassing when guests and visitors come over. We take care of the problem and use the Sundek application to make the surface look wonderful. The surface pool deck or walkway may look faded due to the warm sun or frequent rain. Constant foot traffic may have an impact on the surface as well. We can resurface an area by using the Sundek Classic Texture. We use this application on a daily basis, and we get our work done quickly. We use specific colors to make sure the surface looks like it is new.

If there is a design on the surface, we can sharpen the look. There are some homes in the area that may need a driveway or patio completely resurfaced. We are up to the job. The application by Sundek takes care of the problem. We have found that some of our customers would like a specific design or color. We have a number of colors and designs that work well with décor and styles of yards.

Customers and potential customers are always welcome to call us at (407) 423-3342 for a free estimate on our services. Additional information is found here in our website. Get started on having a great surface by contacting us now.

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