An Exceptional Concrete Flooring For Your Home or Business

Windemere, FL Acid StainingSun Surfaces of Orlando is a specialist in concrete staining. Serving the Windemere, FL area, we can apply our staining solutions to your pool deck, patio, driveway, entryway or walkway. Reducing the time spent in maintenance; our products prevents oils and dirt from penetrating the surface, a benefit that is especially important in a driveway or entryway. Whether it is old or new, we can come in and check the surface.  Moreover, staining solutions produce a wide variety of decorative finishes, adding a bit of decor to the outside or inside area. A stained concrete is permanent so it won’t peel or chip away over time. You can be assured that entertaining family and friends will be in a comfortable setting.

You can have a translucent look, choose from variety of colors or customize the look of your cement surface depending on the staining solution that you want. Using stain is a great way to revitalize your surfaces and have a decorative look. Economical as well as long-lasting, staining is one of the best solutions for an inviting outdoor and indoor living space.

Contact us regarding our concrete staining solutions for your Windemere, FL home our business surfaces. We can be reached by phone at (407) 423-3342 or fill out the form here in our page. We know you will love our products and services.

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