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Repair Your Pool Deck With Sundek Classic Texture

Sundek Pool Decking in FloridaPool deck repairs and refinishing jobs can be done easily by Sun Surfaces of Orlando. Our experts are highly trained to get rid of any cracks, chips, or flakes that happen over a period of time. We can even give you a new design by using stencils and templates to make your surface stand out. We assist those living in The Villages, FL, and surrounding areas with both commercial properties and residential homes.

For all of our surfaces, we use Sundek Classic Texture coating. This coating ensures that cracks, chips, and flakes are eliminated giving you a fresh, new look for several years. It protects your surface during harsh weather conditions that usually break down surfaces. It is also smooth to walk on and stays cool during hot summer days. This way, you can walk on your surface with ease.

Be sure to fill out a “Request More Info” form here in our website so that we can contact you! Our representatives at Sun Surfaces of Orlando can also be contacted by calling (407) 423-3343. We can provide you with a free estimate on all the surfaces you want remodeled. Do not wait any longer for your pool deck repairs or refinishing to be done. We can get you scheduled for services right away in your residential area, and we guarantee excellent work.

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